Stephen King: If You Don’t Believe in God, You’re Missing Out on Sunrises, Sunsets, and the Stars

Author Stephen King was recently interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air and the conversation at one point turned to his views on God. While King referred to organized religion as “a theological insurance scam,” he wasn’t quite so dismissive of God in general.

Here’s what he said to host Terry Gross (around the 15:45 mark):

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Bill Maher: ‘I Think the Pope’s an Atheist’

On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher talked about the flap between the Pope and the Vatican over whether atheists can be “redeemed.”

(To be fair, both sides are pretty much on the same page, believing that atheists are going to Hell unless they repent, that Jesus died for all of us, and that even the Godless are capable of doing great things.)

Still, Maher said he believed that, like Obama, the Pope must secretly be an atheist, which led to this soundbyte:

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Catch and Release

Just when you think the Pope has won the hearts of atheists, the Vatican steps in to ruin everything…

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Jessica Ahlquist Interviewed at Playboy Mansion

Our friend Jessica Ahlquist recently received the “Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment” award for her successful lawsuit to take down a prayer mural at her public high school.

John Iadarola, host of TYT University, interviewed Jessica at the (*ahem*) scenic Playboy Mansion just after she received her award (video below is totally safe for work):

You know, Jessica was always a well-spoken young woman, but she’s really become fantastic at talking about religion without making other people get all defensive about it. That’s no easy task. [Read more...]

American Atheists Announces Winners of Inaugural EVOLVE Awards

American Atheists just announced the winners of their inaugural “EVOLVE Awards” which are given to people who “portray atheists or atheism positively.”

I’m on the list and there’s some very good company there, too. I think the world of the organization so it’s a thrill to be honored by them.

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