Don’t Kiss This Priest’s Hand!

There’s a custom in some Catholic traditions where you’re supposed to kiss a priest’s hand. It’s a sign of reverence and respect.

But the priest in the video below clearly isn’t a fan of that ritual:

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An Easy Way for Christians to Determine if They’re Being Persecuted

I don’t even understand why there’s a left side to this flow chart:

(via Rachel Held Evans)

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A Second Season of COSMOS?

Seth MacFarlane, the Executive Producer of COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, just tweeted out some hope for a second season of the Emmy Award-winning series:

Maybe in Season 2, they bring back the Pluto character. Everyone loved him.

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A Heathen Holiday Card

If you’re looking for holiday cards to send out this month, I suggest checking out this one by DebmonDesign:

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Dennis Prager: Without the Ten Commandments, Atheists Would Never Know Murder is Wrong

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager just launched a video series on the Ten Commandments… and if you listen to just the first 30 seconds, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t take this guy seriously.

He claims right off the bat that the Ten Commandments (which “changed the world for the better” moreso than any other document in world history) inspired western civilization, and that’s the reason we have things like women’s rights and no slavery.

(What’s that? The Bible has been used to deny women equal rights and defend slavery? Why don’t you just pour yourself a great big bowl of shut the hell up.)

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