Oklahoma Legislators Are Furious That Students Can’t Pray at Athletic Events, Even Though They Can

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA), which sanctions high school sports in the state, has an obligation to follow the law — as you would expect.

More than two decades ago, the OSSAA Board of Directors approved a policy that basically said they’ll abide by the Supreme Court decision in Lee v. Weisman (1992), which said public schools couldn’t sponsor prayers over the public address system at sporting events.

Simple enough. They didn’t even have to approve such a policy (since it was law), but they did.

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This May Be the Scariest Christian Summer Camp I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve heard of Vacation Bible School and Christian summer camps in general. But S.M.I.T.E. (Summer Missionary Institute of Training and Evangelism) is brand new to me.

And holy shit. The application is bananas.

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The Journey Away from God

Former pastor David Hayward shares his walk with God over the years:

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The “Nones” Are the Second-Largest “Religious Group” in Nearly Half the World

According to the Pew Research Center, the “Nones” (people who don’t belong to organized religion) are the largest “religious group” in seven countries and territories… and the second-largest group in 112 of them (nearly half of the countries in the world).

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Flint (Michigan) City Council Said Yes to Prayers at Meetings, and the Very First One Was Illegal

The last time we talked about the Flint, Michigan City Council, officials there were considering spreading Scientology in order to save the city. Not their fault. Someone made a proposal, so they were obligated to hear it even if they didn’t act on it.

On Monday night, though, the bad ideas were entirely their own.

Their attorney, Peter Bade, told them they were allowed to have invocations at meeting provided that (1) they didn’t say the prayers themselves and (2) that anyone who wanted to could deliver them. That’s all true, even if we don’t like it.

So what did the council do with that information?

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