Bill Lehto Is Sharing the Stories of Minnesotan Atheists

The Farmington Independent has a nice article about Bill Lehto, a Minnesotan who collected the personal “coming out” stories from people in the state and put them into a book with proceeds benefitting Minnesota Atheists. The hope is that the book will make it easier for readers to go public with their own atheism. Full [Read More...]

It’s Good to Have a Response When Someone Asks Why Atheists Gather

A Secular Student Alliance group just began at SUNY New Paltz (in New York) and, to advertise their meetings, the group put up flyers reading, “ARE YOU GOOD WITHOUT GOD? We are too.” “What?! Atheists have meetings?! That must be called into question!” said an ignorant person somewhere… In case you can’t read the handwritten [Read More...]

The Alyona Show Covers the National Day of Reason

In coverage you would never see on the major news networks, The Alyona Show offered a fantastic segment on the National Day of Reason and brought on Sean Faircloth (of the Richard Dawkins Foundation) to talk about why the nontheistic response to the National Day of Prayer is so important: Also interesting: At the 8:18 [Read More...]

Did This Secret Catch Your Eye, Too?

Whoever you are, you have to have good stories… … and we all want to hear them. Contact me! Don’t worry — you’ll remain anonymous Unless you’re responsible for that Heaven is for Real book… in which case I’m cursing you in my mind. Interestingly enough, I know another atheist who works for a Christian [Read More...]

Should It Be Considered ‘Charity’ If You Give Money to Your Own Church?

On last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Republican atheist S.E. Cupp — Oh my god, there are two of them now! — argued that Mitt Romney donated millions to charity (“poor people”) because he donated to the Mormon Church. Maher quickly called her out on it: His argument in a nutshell: It’s not “charity” [Read More...]