San Antonio Is Home to the Latest Atheist Billboard

The San Antonio Coalition of Reason in Texas has put up a digital billboard on I-10, near the Wonderland of the Americas Mall, through the Memorial Day weekend: Reaching out to the like-minded isn’t the only goal of the coalition: “We hope folks will realize that we are a part of their community,” said Jim [Read More...]

Pastor Sean Harris Tries to Explain His Antigay Comments to an Atheist

Justin Griffith, the force beyond Rock Beyond Belief, was able to talk to Pastor Sean Harris, the Christian who made headlines when he preached the following: So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is four years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, ‘Man up, son, [Read More...]

Creationists Talk Trash About Libby Anne but Her Response is Fantastic

The Creationists at Answers in Genesis think they know why Libby Anne — who was raised in a fundamentalist family — is now an atheist. Obviously, she just didn’t understand the Bible. Or she attended a secular school. Or she took a wrong turn somewhere down the line. It’s insulting and demeaning and Libby Anne [Read More...]

I’ll Be on a Religion/Secularism Panel Discussion at Northwestern University This Wednesday

This Wednesday night, I’m participating in a two-person panel discussion on the intersection between religion and secularism (and how they’re opposed) at Northwestern University. The event goes from 7:00-9:00p in Harris Hall 107. It’s sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance and Northwestern University Interfaith Initiative (NUii). Stop by if you’re in the area! And as [Read More...]

What About My Right To Choose To Not Have a Choice? (Link Fixed)

Republican women are finally speaking out! Republicans, Get In My Vagina! from Kate Beckinsale (via Silver Outlined Window) [Read more...]