Canadian Politician Compares Party to Jesus Before Lying About New Anti-Terrorism Bill

Conservative politician Wai Young (a Canadian Sarah Palin, if you will) is making headlines after audio surfaced of her telling a church audience that her party acted like Jesus when passing Bill C-51 (a Canadian version of the PATRIOT Act).

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Two LGBT Books Will Remain in Texas Library Despite Christian Push to Censor Them

The Hood County Commissioners in Texas had a meeting yesterday morning to decide the fate of two LGBT-themed children’s books in the local library, and passions were high all around.

When you read the Raw Story article or watch the video below, notice this: The people defending the books (some of whom are Christians) speak gently and talk about tolerance and love… which the opponents drone on and on about Jesus and the Bible. (As if the library should censor materials based on whether or not they please the Christian God.)

This is why conservative Christians are embarrassing themselves on the issue of homosexuality: They only have bullshit arguments to defend their bigotry, and no one cares what their Bible says when it comes to matters of public policy.

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Tampa Church Sends Financial Notice to Member: She Has to Pay to Pray

A letter from the aptly-named Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida is exposing the leadership as more interested in money than members.

Earlier this month, Candace Petterson received this notice reminding her to pay up or else:

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Gay Chaplaincy Staffer at Wheaton College Resigns Over Celibacy Issue

Last year, Wheaton College, an evangelical Christian school outside of Chicago, hired Julie Rodgers (below) to work as an “associate for spiritual care” in the Chaplain’s Office. What made that hire a little surprising was that Rodgers was openly gay… but it was okay because she made clear that she was and would remain celibate. In the evangelical world, that sort of warped ideology was accepted.

But that all changed this week when Rodgers announced she had slowly realized a change in attitude on that issue. She no longer believed celibacy ought to be a requirement for gay Christians. To that end, she also announced her resignation from Wheaton:

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Gay Pastor Forced to Resign from Methodist Church Whose Membership He Quadrupled

Just add this to the pile of stories of Christian church leaders “loving the sinner but hating the sin” by firing the sinner for existing.

Reverend Benjamin Hutchison resigned from the United Methodist Church in Cassopolis, Michigan after the leadership there said they were going to fire him if he didn’t leave on his own. His crime? He’s in a same-sex relationship:

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