High School Football Coach Finally Learns That Leading Team in Prayer is a Problem

Earlier this week, I post about Bremerton High School (WA) assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, who was leading his team in prayer after games:

The District, after receiving a lot of media attention over this, promised to investigate the matter and how staff members were trained regarding the issue of prayer.

That investigation is now over. No one’s getting fired. But everyone’s on notice:

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Christian Factory Worker Fired After Pushing Anti-Gay Movie on Colleagues

Readers of this site are surely aware of Ray Comfort‘s anti-gay film Audacity. The movie is all about a Christian who tries to rescue gay people from eternal damnation because, you know, he loves them too much to let them suffer.

For example, in an extended metaphor, the Christian doesn’t warn two lesbians that an elevator is broken. They eventually step inside and fall to their deaths. The Christian blames himself for not saving them. (Get it?)

The overriding message in the movie is that homosexuality is wrong and Christians need to rescue gays and lesbians from the clutches of their disease.

So you can imagine how it went over when Chris Routson recommended the film a lesbian colleague at work. Besides making for a really awkward future company picnic, Routson was also sending the implicit message that he thought a lot about her sex life and wanted to fix whatever she was doing in the bedroom.

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An Appeals Court Will Soon Decide if Michigan County’s Christian Prayers Are Illegal

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners in Michigan doesn’t understand how invocations work.

They deliver it themselves, which they can’t do. The invocations are always Christian, which constitutes government endorsement of religion. And when Peter Bormuth said all this at a 2013 meeting, they dismissed his concerns. One Commissioner literally turned his back on Bormuth.

When Bormuth filed a pro se lawsuit (in which he represents himself) against the County, things got worse:

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Congressman Will Skip Historic Speech Because Pope Doesn’t Hate Women, Muslims, and Science Enough

I’m not thrilled with all the taxpayer money being spent for Pope Francis‘ visit to the United States. But that’s not why Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is protesting his visit.

Gosar says he won’t attend the Pope’s address next week to a joint session of Congress because the leader of the Catholic Church is too rational for his liking:

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If Donald Trump Can’t Condemn an Islamophobic Man, What Does It Say About the GOP?

In the most jaw-dropping moment I’ve seen in a campaign full of them, a man at a Donald Trump rally yesterday asked the Republican frontrunner when we’re going to fix the biggest problem in America:

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