Mike Huckabee: ‘God Told Me To Become a Humanist’

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Arkansas State Representative Calls Eight-Year-Old Atheist a Fool

The Arkansas legislature just passed a bill called HB 1690 that will enact a freakishly-long moment of silence in the classroom:

A public school in this state shall observe a one (1) minute period of silence at the beginning of school each school day.

A minute. A full damn minute.

That’s not a “moment” of silence. That’s not a “period” of silence. That an “excruciatingly long goddamn minute” of silence.

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Atheist Representation on ‘This Week With George Stephanopoulos’

On Sunday’s edition of “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” Susan Jacoby was a panelist to “discuss the role of religion in our civic debates.” (What should’ve been the fastest panel discussion *ever* — “Role?! Why should it have a role?!” — somehow became an actual conversation…)

Jacoby used her time wisely, making a number of points we rarely hear echoed in the mainstream media:

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What Christians Teach Their Children

A couple of years ago, Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist, released a video about what Christianity teaches “our youngest and most impressionable.” Now, Andrews has released an updated version of the terrifying video:

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Religion Hurts Humanity: Children Accused of Witchcraft

Regular readers have seen Daniel‘s videos before — he usually makes monthly montages documenting the damage caused by religion.

Now, he’s back with a video focusing on children who have been accused of witchcraft:

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