A Kosher Camera To Cover Up Women

Remember when a Hasidic newspaper removed Hillary Clinton‘s image from the iconic White House photo of the Osama-bin-Laden-mission situation room? While that newspaper was based out of Brooklyn, it seems like that practice happens a lot in Jerusalem where ultra-orthodox Jews have quite a bit of power: This fact does not refer to scantily clad [Read More...]

New Atheist Billboards Are in Arabic and Hebrew

American Atheists is now taking their billboard messages directly to the communities that need to hear them the most. Specifically, they’re advertising the Reason Rally and their national convention both in Hebrew (to people in Brooklyn, NY) and in Arabic (to people in Patterson NJ). Both billboards say, “You know it’s a myth… and you [Read More...]

Georgia Lawmakers Want to Give Everyone ‘In God We Trust’ License Plate Stickers for Free

The state of Georgia cannot figure out what to do with the phrase “In God We Trust” when it comes to cars. First, they wanted people to vote on the state’s new license plates… but they “accidentally” tagged certain plates with the IGWT phrase. Because of that mistake, they conducted a revote. Then, State Sen. [Read More...]

Someone Believed This Was a Good Idea…

There was a meeting where this idea came up… and got approved. I’m still trying to get over that. And this is why no one should go to church. Ever. Oh, by the way, the people at Stevens Creek Church really want your money. Because how else are they going to make high-quality videos like [Read More...]

Dave Silverman Appears on FOX To Discuss ‘Inflammatory’ HuffPo Article

I love it when Dave Silverman appears on FOX News Channel. He was invited on there today, along with religion advocate Sandy Rios, to discuss a recent piece bashing Catholicism on Huffington Post. The substance of that conversation isn’t all that interesting, but you have to love the way Dave uses his “last word” (starting [Read More...]