Pro-Life Nurse Sues Family Planning Clinic for Not Hiring Her to Do the Job She Refused to Do

We have a new frontrunner in the race for dumbest Christian Right lawsuit.

Sara Hellwege, a pro-life nurse, applied for a job at Tampa Family Health Centers (in Florida) this past April. TFHC is a Title X clinic, meaning they’re all about things like family planning, contraception, and birth control.

So when Hellwege mentioned her affiliation with the “American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists” in her resume, the interviewer (Chad Lindsey) asked her if that would be a problem since, you know, conservative Christians + birth control = crazytown.

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Obama’s Executive Order Barring Federal Contractors from LGBT Discrimination Will Not Include Religious Exemption

Despite calls from people like Pastor Rick Warren (below) to allow religious groups receiving federal contracts to discriminate against LGBT Americans, President Obama announced last night that his forthcoming executive order would not include any religious exemptions.

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Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $62,105 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the Second Quarter of 2014. Check out the donations — $62,105 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations:

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WGN News Shines a Spotlight on Humanist Activist Leo Igwe

In anticipation for this weekend’s Humanism At Work conference in Chicago, WGN’s Larry Potash (Really? Twice today?!) ran a great segment on Humanist activist Leo Igwe and his work ending the horrific practice of witch-hunting in Africa:

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Secular Student Alliance Announces Free Membership for All Students

Whoa. The Secular Student Alliance just announced that membership to all students (of any age group) is now free:

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