After Hiker Takes Picture Atop Mountain with “I Believe in God” Sign, Someone Else Catches Him Littering

A couple of days ago, Steve Harris hiked up Mt. Elbert — the highest point of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado — and posed for a picture with a sign saying “I believe in God.” (I guess he needed to convince someone.) He later posted the image on a Facebook group for (a site for people who hike up mountains taller than 14,000 feet):

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Man Who Called Pro-Choice Women “Feminazis” Disinvites Donald Trump from Event Over Sexist Remarks

Donald Trump was supposed to be speaking this weekend at the conservative RedState Gathering in Atlanta, but he was disinvited late last night.

The reason? He told CNN that he was unhappy with moderator Megyn Kelly‘s questions at the GOP Primary Debate, blaming them on her period:

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Bryan Fischer: Attending a Gay Wedding is Like Going to the Opening of a Crack House

One of the bright spots during the Republican Primary Debacle Debate was when Gov. John Kasich spoke about how he would love his daughter all the same if she came out as a lesbian, adding that he recently attended a friend’s gay wedding despite his personal beliefs about marriage.

It wasn’t exactly accepting of marriage equality, but it stood out in that GOP field.

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The Biggest Obstacle to Overcoming Your Faith

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the biggest obstacle to overcoming your faith.

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Military Man Retires with Pastafarian Celebration

Congratulations to Master Chief Petty Officer Bob (who doesn’t need a last name), who recently retired after 29 years of service in both the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard.

To celebrate, he donned the official Pastafarian hat:

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