The Atheist Who Temporarily Became a Christian Is An Atheist Again… and He’s Filing Another Lawsuit

Remember Patrick Greene? He’s the atheist who alienated many in our own community, got help from Christians when he needed eye surgery, ignored the help given to him by atheists, told the Christian media that he had converted to Christianity, and then deconverted back? Yeah, that guy. He’s in the news again: He’s back to [Read More...]

Student Who Dressed Up as Jesus During School’s ‘Fictional Character Day’ Featured on SourceFed

SourceFed featured a nice summary of Jeff Shott‘s story. Jeff is the high school student who dressed up as Jesus for “Fictional Character Day” and got in trouble for it: (Thanks to Nicholas for the link!) [Read more...]

The Struggles of the Quiet Atheists

Bruce Grierson has a wonderful article in the June, 2012 issue of Psychology Today about the quiet atheists — the ones who don’t believe in a god but aren’t all that outspoken about it. They don’t debate religion or get into online battles. They just want to raise their children and spend time with their [Read More...]

What TV Show Offers the Best Religion Coverage?

Are there any shows that cover religion in a fair way? That is, they don’t push one particular belief system (or even faith in general) but offer somewhat a little more nuanced? Mark Oppenheimer argues that The Daily Show stands above the rest: Stewart comes at religion with buckets of derision, but I do not [Read More...]

Pseudo-Historian David Barton Appears on The Daily Show

In case you missed last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart interviewed Christian pseudo-historian David Barton. I haven’t had a chance to watch the extended interview yet (parts 2 and 3) but if you notice anything interesting, please leave the timestamps or summary in the comments! The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: [Read More...]