It’s Only Temporary

Seen in today’s PostSecret: Atheism is the only logical explanation and it can completely mess with you. It takes away any hopes of an afterlife. It removes the possibility that people who are no longer alive are watching over you. It means that your prayers won’t be (and never have been) answered. But once you [Read More...]

Help Re-Defeat PZ Myers… and Support Camp Quest

Last year, a group of bloggers raised money for Camp Quest… it was PZ Myers versus all the rest of us. And the rest of us defeated him! (And then we danced. Appropriately.) This year, we’re taking PZ down again: Why should you support Camp Quest? To quote CQ Executive Director Amanda Metskas: Camp Quest [Read More...]

Millennials Are Doubting God and College Atheist Groups Are Helping Ease Them Out of Faith

Why are campus atheist groups so important? Why is the Secular Student Alliance so vital to their growth? Dustin Wyatt has a long article in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal explaining the answers. It’s a lot of soundbytes and not much in the way of analysis, but the quotations are all in our favor: “I used to [Read More...]

‘Henrico Supervisors’ Decision on Prayer was Courageous,’ Says Local Columnist

Michael Paul Williams has a wonderful column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding how the Henrico County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors voted to stop invocation prayers at their meetings: In an increasingly diverse U.S., the stubborn idea persists that we are a Christian nation. This notion muddles public policy and leads people to cite biblical passages [Read More...]

Two Quick Takes on Atheist Books

David Niose‘s new book Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans gets a stamp of approval from trade publication Publishers Weekly. On their site, Niose explains “Why Secularism Is Good for the U.S.”: Unlike previous generations, young people today are more likely to consider religious skepticism an important part of their personal identity, viewing open [Read More...]