Kim Davis Returns to Work by Telling Media She Won’t Do Her Job

Earlier today, Kim Davis returned to work from her self-imposed mini-exile to announce that she still won’t do her job and sign marriage licenses for gay couples who have a legal right to them. That may not matter, though, since a deputy clerk has already said he would sign off on them instead. Whether those are legal is another issue entirely.

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In Court, Christian Parents Claim a Biblical Right to Spank Their Foster Children

Gregory and Melanie Magazu have three kids, including a newborn, but they really want to adopt more. They feel that if they’re able to provide a home for foster children, it’s something they have to do. And I admire any couple willing to open up their homes like that.

The problem is that their Christian faith requires them to hit their children.

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Ken Ham: If Evolution Says Humans Are Animals, Why Bother Worrying About Climate Change?

Creationist Ken Ham is known for his evolution denial… he’s less well known for his climate change conspiracy theories.

In short, he doesn’t believe humans contribute to climate change because the Bible says so.

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Yet Another Compilation of Christopher Hitchens’ Best Comebacks

This is yet another compilation of Christopher Hitchens‘ best arguments and combacks.

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Megareverend John Oliver Has Shut Down His Money-Making Church

Nearly a month after creating Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption church as a way to exploit faith-based fraud, and after asking for more money via a wonderful personal letter, John Oliver has decided to shut it down for good.

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