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Atheists in Mississippi Want to Help Local Families ‘Beat the Heat’

Last summer, I asked readers to help atheists in northeast Mississippi “beat the heat” by donating money so they could buy air conditioners for people in the region:

Because we believe in social justice and we know that no gods are going to solve this problem, we humanists are ready to do something about it! We want to raise as much money as possible to buy air conditioners for these families so they will not needlessly suffer through this incredibly harsh summer. Even a small window unit will make a big difference — especially for those people who have allergies, breathing disorders, or are at high-risk for dehydration. And the best part is that this air conditioner unit will give a family several years of relief. The small investment you make now will pay out immediate and long-term benefits.

You all came through in spectacular fashion, raising over $800, enough for several air conditioning units and then some:

Now, the newly-formed Northeast Mississippi Secular Humanist Association wants to do even more. They want to purchase air conditioners for 10 families, including one with special needs:

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President of Group That Used to ‘Pray Away the Gay’ Apologizes to LGBTQ Community

Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International, a Christian ministry that, until last year, said they could “pray away the gay,” has issued a formal apology today to all the members of the LGBTQ community who have been hurt by his organization:

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How Not to Be a Christian Around Your Atheist Friends

John Dere at the Christian Post‘s Crossmap blog has some advice for Christians who have atheist friends… Which is strange because, once you hear the tips, it becomes pretty obvious that Dere has no atheist friends.


Don’t take it personally when your atheist friends make fun of your faith in Christ.

People have been persecuting Christians for over 2,000 years, so don’t be blind-sighted by nasty comments and subtle jabs at your faith. Instead pray for your atheist friends as much as you can.

First of all, if people are mercilessly mocking you, they’re not your friends.

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Christian Apologist William Lane Craig Criticizes Atheist Hotline for Something It Doesn’t Do

A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Hotline Project, a phone number where anyone having religious doubts could call in to talk to a trained, trusted individual:

Anyone who read about the project would know that it was not-at-all about converting people to atheism. The entire point was to talk to people who have religious doubts but have nowhere else to turn and no one else to talk to about them.

Christian apologist William Lane Craig didn’t bother to read any of that. In typical fashion, he didn’t listen to what the other side had to say. He just created a straw man and started railing against it.

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