Maajid Nawaz Discusses His Journey Out of Islamic Extremism

Okay, one more video from the recent Aspen Ideas Festival!

This one features Maajid Nawaz talking about his “journey out of Islamist extremism“:

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Why is a Mormon Flag Flying Over a Utah State Park?

While we’re all having conversations about flags that shouldn’t be on government property, historian John Gary Maxwell is wondering why the Deseret flag — a Mormon symbol — flies above the Ensign Peak Nature Park in Utah:

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We Finally Know the Plot of God’s Not Dead 2

God’s Not Dead featured actor Kevin Sorbo as a college professor who demanded that his students admit God doesn’t exist. (Something that never actually happens in real life.)

The sequel is currently being filmed in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it looks like the producers are following the same playbook as before.

This time, Melissa Joan Hart (best known for playing the title characters in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All) stars as a high school teacher who quotes the Bible in class and gets sued by a student (Hayley Orrantia of The Goldbergs) who believes in this silly idea called “separation of church and state.”

There’s even a big trial…

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There’s Now an Evangelical Christian Version of Facebook in Brazil

Readers of this site know that there are Christian versions of everything that’s secular and popular. For every YouTube, there’s a GodTube waiting to convert you. For every Facebook, there’s Faithbook. And for every “Thrift Shop,” there’s… whatever the hell this is.

But Faithbook just isn’t growing fast enough, I guess, so some folks in Brazil created a new Christian version of the social networking site. It’s called Facegl√≥ria and, well, you heathens are never going to appreciate it:

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Richard Dawkins Discusses What Leads to a Meaningful Life

At the recent Aspen Ideas Festival, Richard Dawkins spoke with Jane Shaw of Stanford University about what constitutes a “meaningful life.” A lot of it is a preview of his next book, Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science (the second half of his autobiography).

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