Christians Mess with ‘Keep Saturn in Saturnalia’ Banner… and It’s Caught on Tape!

On Thursday, a lovely billboard went up in Pitman, New Jersey, courtesy of the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

It’s obviously a response to those “Keep Christ in Christmas” banners and you can read more about this billboard’s history here.

Over the weekend a family attempted to put their own banner — what seems to be a picture of Christ — over (or possibly under) the Saturnalia billboard… and it was caught on tape! I can’t embed it because it’s on Facebook, but you can view it here… at least for the time being. (The commentary makes it all the more entertaining: “Well, someone paid for that billboard. It’s not like you can just cover it up for free!”)

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This is Why You Shouldn’t Take Dating Advice from Sexist Christian Pastors

Apparently there are single women who ask Pastor Mark Driscoll for dating advice. Which I guess he’s qualified to give since he once told his pregnant wife he never would’ve married her if he had known she fooled around in high school.

His advice is that a single woman has six options available to her and she needs to pick one of them. (You know they’re good options because they all begin with the same letter. Hence, logic.)

He wants women to choose Option #6: Solace (“take comfort… that Jesus is the Man in your life who sympathizes with your singleness”), but I had a hard time getting past Option #1: Sin.

Because no woman who ever dated casually, had sex just for fun, or lived with her boyfriend before marriage has ever had a lasting relationship:

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Next Year, the Creation Museum Will Indoctrinate Children for Free

I’ll admit it: It’s a savvy move on their part.

The Creation Museum will allow all children 12 and under (with a paying adult) to unlearn everything they learned in science class:

Because evolutionists are indoctrinating kids in the pagan religion of evolution — we want to do what we can to get as many kids to the Creation Museum to learn the truth concerning God’s Word in Genesis and the gospel.

I have included the logo we are using for the ‘Kids Free in 2014′ outreach. Because kids love dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are basically used as an icon for evolution, we are using a dinosaur to tell kids they can come to the Creation Museum free in 2014.

Three thoughts about that:

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This is Why It’s Worthwhile to Discuss Religion with Theists

Neil Carter, like many of us, has had his share of debates and conversations with religious people. Is it worth it? When both sides appear to be forever-committed to their ideas, why bother trying to convince the other person s/he’s wrong?

He offers these five reasons for why he believes those conversations are worthwhile:

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The Secular Traditions of Christmas

Stephanie Rona walked through the beautiful secular traditions of Christmas and how, even in our country’s history, it has been possible to celebrate it without Christ. It begins at the 1:10 mark:

I was pleasantly surprised by the bit at the 1:42 mark.

(via Houston Oasis)

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