After the Parachute Fall…

I like the twist (via god and son) [Read more...]

Intelligent Design Crowd Whines About Wikipedia ‘Censorship’

Intelligent Design proponents are soooooo mad at Wikipedia, calling it a “tyranny of the unemployed.” Because when editors suggest that ID isn’t credible and evolution is a theory on very solid footing, obviously, they’re just haters incapable of properly discussing science: You simply can never outlast these folks. They have nothing better to do with [Read More...]

Say It Proudly: I Am An Atheist

What an awesome video from the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Florida: #AtheistRollCall [Read more...]

If the Bible Were Written Today, It Wouldn’t Be Sold in Christian Bookstores

Christian author Rachel Held Evans is writing a book and she casually mentions the word “vagina” in it. Her editors told her to remove it because the Christian bookstores wouldn’t sell it otherwise — even though male Christian authors could say “penis” in their books without a problem. It took a blog post + tons [Read More...]

The Smithsonian Institution is Using a Creation Museum Dinosaur In Its Advertising

The Smithsonian Institution uses the brochure to advertise its IMAX Theaters: There’s only one problem with that. We’ve seen that dinosaur somewhere before… … at the Creation Museum. And Ken Ham is calling them out on it: I’m sure the Smithsonian will be horrified when they find out where this photo was taken. (We just [Read More...]