Josh Duggar Confirms Infidelity: “I Have Been the Biggest Hypocrite Ever”

Following yesterday’s revelation that Josh Duggar — the former executive director of the Family Research Council, outspoken critic of marriage equality, and in-house (alleged) sexual abuser — also had two accounts on cheating-website Ashley Madison, he’s finally coming clean.

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Why You Should Be Openly Non-Religious, Explained by a Rapper in Under 90 Seconds

Rapper Buck Bowen (whose new album is free to download) wants you to be Openly Secular:

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Anti-Abortion, Pro-Abstinence Stickers Can Now Be Found in Arizona District’s Science Books

If you’re a high school student in Arizona, good luck to you this year. According to one parent, her son had to place this sticker inside his science textbook:

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When God Couldn’t Save His Life, Siri Stepped In

Sam Ray, a recent high school graduate, was working underneath his truck earlier this summer. Suddenly, the jack failed and he was trapped below the 5,000-pound vehicle.

Ray called out for God’s help:

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130 Organizations Are Asking President Obama To End Taxpayer-Funded Religious Discrimination

Last week, I posted about the problems with President Obama‘s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Besides the issue of existing at all (which I know a lot of people have a problem with), there are two serious concerns we should all have: The office gives grants to religious groups doing charity work (1) even if they proselytize along the way and (2) even if they discriminate against LGBT people in their hiring.

To address the proselytizing, the Office announced a proposed rule change that would ban the use of taxpayer money on any work that involves preaching. It’s a good move and I hope that rule goes into effect.

But what about allowing those faith-based groups to discriminate against LGBT people during their hiring process? Right now that’s still legal.

Today, a coalition of 130 national organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking him to fix that problem before he leaves office.

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