A Child’s First Book on Evolution

This is a neat project.

Matt Cubberly wrote a book introducing children to evolution via poetry and neat illustrations by May Villani. It’s called Evolutionary Tales and they’re raising funds for it on Kickstarter:

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A Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults (circa 1994)

This is a real video.

Because Satan is all sorts of scary… if you believe in bullshit.

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An Alternative to Tipping with Jesus Tracts

Given how Christians sometimes tip by leaving no money and a Jesus tract, this exchange did not look very promising for the waiter…

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God Made an Appearance on the Wall of a Toilet in Mali

Quick: What’s this?

If you said it’s a man praying on the surface of the wall of a toilet in Bamako, Mali… then you must be one of the thousands of people flocking to the site. (Also: You should get some help.)

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Russian Politician Argues That Gay Emojis Are Illegal

Finally, Russian officials are tackling the real problems plaguing society: Gay emoji.

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