Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: I Threw That Super Bowl Interception Because God Was Testing Me

Let’s take a quick stroll through the end of the last NFL season.

The Seattle Seahawks were losing to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (above) was having a horrible game, with four interceptions. All Green Bay had to do was recover an onside kick near the end of the game and they would have almost certainly preserved the victory… and then Brandon Bostick happened.

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Bryan Fischer: Marriage Equality Means Christians Will Soon Be Banned from Holding Public Office

Here’s a slippery slope argument for you: Gay marriage is now legal across the country… which means Christians will eventually be forbidden from holding public office.

If that makes sense to you, then you must be Bryan Fischer:

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The Million-Dollar Abortion Crowdfunding Campaign Was a Giant Publicity Stunt

Remember the anonymous woman who said she would go ahead with her planned abortion unless pro-lifers raised $1 million (which she said would be put in a trust fund for the child)?

Turns out it was a hoax. A great big publicity stunt.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Brevard County (FL) After Officials Block Atheists from Giving Invocations

I posted much of this yesterday, but because of new developments today, I’m putting this right back up with the update.

Nearly a year ago, we learned that the Brevard County Commissioners in Florida (below) had limited their invocations to “faith-based” groups — and the Central Florida Freethought Community could only speak during the “Public Comments” portion of the evening.

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Sarah Jessica Parker is a Humanist… Maybe

In case you were lying awake at night wondering about what labels Sarah Jessica Parker uses to describe herself, you can go to bed now.

She’s a humanist (but not a feminist), she says in the August issue of Cosmopolitan:

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