Patrick Henry College President Resigns Following Pushback from School’s Mishandling of Sexual Assault Cases

Back in February, Kiera Feldman wrote an incredible story in New Republic about the sexual assault problems at Patrick Henry College, a fundamentalist Christian school known for sending a disproportionate number of graduates into political fields. Feldman wrote that reports of sexual abuse were not taken seriously even after female students came forward with their stories.

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The Bible is the Most Intimidating Chain Letter in History

Jeremiah Camara is a filmmaker working on a movie called Contradiction about how

African Americans, on average, are tithing approximately $250 million a week to their churches with very little to show in the way of cultural vitality, economic progress or any signs of real community prosperity.

It’s a fascinating topic and I can’t wait to watch the final product. In the meantime, Camara just made a brief video comparing the Bible to a long, powerful chain letter. It’s a powerful analogy:

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I’m Gonna Get That Devil… With Mah Prayers

Gotta love Key & Peele. Especially the uncensored versions of their sketches. This one’s completely NSFW:

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Even in the South, the Ten Commandments Are Treated Like Suggestions…

Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald has an amusing article up about how people in the South claim to love their Bibles… but they’re pretty awful at following the Ten Commandments: No. 5. Honor thy father and thy mother. Ain’t nothing like mom and dad down South. Until you have to pay for them. All [Read More…]

After School Newspaper Misrepresents Atheists, the Secular Students on Campus Finally Have Their Voices Heard

Earlier this year, the student newspaper at Ferris State University (in Michigan) published an opinion piece that featured this jab at atheists:

I’ve always found atheists to be a rather unfriendly lot of people, what with their unsolicited “science-based” tirades and my-way-or-the-highway attitudes towards the rest of the world.

However, when looking at the way their opposition usually behaves it’s not hard to understand the bitterness. Still, you’d think they’d want to be more welcoming considering they’re fighting a battle they can’t help but lose (and this writer hopes they do.)

It plays right into the already-nasty stereotypes about atheists and the writer never gives concrete examples of what he’s talking about. Hell, he makes it sound like religious people never think they’re right…

Anyway, what made the comments especially hurtful was that there’s a Secular Student Alliance group on campus and he never bothered to talk to them first.

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