Contrary to News Reports, a Bank Teller Was Not Fired for Saying “Have a Blessed Day”

If you look at the headlines, you’d think Polly Neace got fired from her job at U.S. Bank just for telling customers, “Have a blessed day!”

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Here’s Why Pope Francis’ Meeting Yesterday with Sexual Abuse Victims Was Meaningless

Yesterday, Pope Francis met with six victims of Catholic-priest-initiated sexual abuse and assured them that bishops would be “held accountable” for not doing enough. But unless he starts pushing pedophile priests out of the Church and into the hands of the criminal justice system, those words really mean nothing.

Even CNN didn’t seem to take him seriously, with an initial headline missing a key word. (Accidentally, of course…)

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Married at First Sight, Reality Show Featuring Atheist Matchmaker, Premieres Tonight

Tonight marks the premiere of Married at First Sight on the new FYI network (formerly The Biography Channel). Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein is one of the four experts who will pair together three couples who agree to get married, sight-unseen.

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Secular Invocation Delivered in Groveland, Florida

Last night, Paul Tjaden delivered a secular invocation at a meeting of the Groveland City Council (in Florida):

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Kentucky State Senator: Mars Has the Same Temperature as Earth, so Climate Change is a Hoax

I didn’t realize Kentucky was holding a contest to replace Rep. Louie Gohmert as the dumbest elected official when it comes to climate change. But apparently they are and they have a candidate who might defeat him: Republican State Senator Brandon Smith:

Smith is a member of the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment, which met last Thursday to discuss new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency that would limit carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants. Even though none of Kentucky’s coal plants would be shut down as a result, committee members were eager to point out that reason for the changes — to curb the effects of climate change — was pointless to begin with since it’s all a great big hoax:

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