Going to Church? Hope You Were Prepared for It…

In a great clip from his special Freaked Out, comedian Tom Papa talks about taking his daughter to church for the first time:

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A Brief Stop in San Francisco Next Week

This is short notice, but I’ll be giving a talk for the Atheist Advocates of San Francisco next Saturday (June 13).

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Five Doctors Explain Why They Provide Abortion Services

A group called Physicians for Reproductive Health just put out this neat video featuring five doctors explaining why they’re abortion providers.

They’re not nearly as evil as pro-lifers would have you believe…

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Audience Applauds Jehovah’s Witness Couple Who Admit to Shunning Their Own Child

When doing the right thing comes in conflict with following the doctrine of your religion, what should you do?

It’s an easy question if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness. You have to please God no matter what, even if it means cutting ties with your own children because they no longer believe as you do. It’s a process called disfellowshipping and it’s as awful as it sounds.

At a recent JW conference, Robert and Brenda Sutton spoke about how one of their children had “questionable association” (whatever that means) with someone at work… which eventually led to the child being disfellowshipped.

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Justice Antonin Scalia Suggests Humanity Is Only 5,000 Years Old

On Thursday night, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke at the high school graduation ceremony for the students at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (where his granddaughter attends).

While most of it was uneventful, this comment was eyebrow-raising:

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