Texas County’s Tax Assessor-Collector Decides to Print “In God We Trust” on All Documents

You know what the problem is with having “In God We Trust” on our currency and having it displayed in city council halls all over the country?

It’s just not enough for some people.

In Texas, Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector Ron Wright has taken the liberty of ordering a new printing plate for envelopes and tax statements just so he could put the religious motto on everything.

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The Decline of Religion in America as Seen Through a Handful of Graphs

Tobin Grant at Religion News Service has a delightful series of graphs showcasing the “Great Decline” of religion in America in recent years:

The statistics teacher in me has to remind everyone that the decline isn’t as steep as the graph suggests — the vertical axis doesn’t begin at 0% — but a ten percent drop in the number of people identifying with a religious label is still pretty damn amazing.

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David Barton Says It’s Almost Impossible to Find Atheist Farmers Because They’re Around God’s Creation All Day

Christian Pseudohistorian David Barton recently spoke to the Romeo Area Tea Party (in Michigan) and explained how it’s almost impossible to find an atheist farmer because they’re around God’s Creation every day (42:45 mark):

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Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

Over the past couple of years, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. As always, I’d like to continue expanding the reach of this site. That entails bringing on additional contributors with different voices, creating more YouTube videos, and making the podcasts sound more professional.

(There’s also another project I hope to launch very soon.)

In order to facilitate all of this, I’ve created a page at Patreon.

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Catholic Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse Still Heads up a Church in Lafayette, Louisiana

We usually complain when a Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse is transferred to a different church or quietly hidden out of sight.

But in the case of Rev. Gilbert Dutel (below), he is still the pastor of St. Edmond Catholic Church in Lafayette, Louisiana and no one there seems to care.

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