Man Who Hosted “Draw Muhammad” Event in Phoenix Wants $10 Million to Provide Security for His Family

Jon Ritzheimer (below) is the man who hosted the Draw Muhammad event in Phoenix a couple of nights ago.

And now he’s trying to capitalize on his notoriety, saying that he’s accepting donations for the safety of his family.

And for a hospital.

And for his future Senate campaign race.

All he needs is $10 million.

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Pittsylvania County Officials Lose Long-Running Fight to Pray to Jesus at Meetings

In 2012, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors in Virginia began each meeting with a prayer to Jesus Christ.

An anonymous woman had sued the city in response — but a judge ruled that the only way for the lawsuit to proceed was if she revealed her identity.

In a country where atheists can get harassed for simply suggesting, “If people want to pray, they should do it privately, not on the taxpayers’ dime,” it’s no surprise the person wanted to keep her identity hidden.

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Unless Your Atheism Inspires You to Make This World a Better Place, What Good Is It?

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Molly Worthen highlights the Sunday Assembly (a.k.a. the “atheist church”) and what it suggests about the future of atheism:

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If My Daughter Learns Evolution, She’ll Get Rejected from Vet School, Says West Virginia Dad in Lawsuit

Earlier this month, West Virginian Kenneth Smith filed a lawsuit against everyone he could think of involved in teaching evolution to his daughter.

That list included the Jefferson County Board of Education, the State Superintendent, the U.S. Secretary of Education, and the Director of the National Institutes of Health. (If he were alive, I’m sure Charles Darwin would have made the list.)

What did they all do wrong?

Smith says that by promoting evolution, they’re ruining his daughter’s ability to get into veterinarian school, thereby stopping her from earning a good living.

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Lessons from a Spiritual Guru on How to Be a Good Atheist

I believe everything JP Sears says because the flowers on his head are mesmerizing:

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