Ken Ham Thinks the Creationist Who Stumbled Upon a Fossil Was Doing Real Science

Last week, Edgar Nernberg made news for finding a fossil as he was excavating ground for a new house:

While that might be enough to generate a few headlines, there was a tremendous amount of press for this story because Hernberg is a Creationist. In other words, a man who believes the Earth is about 6,000 years old found a fossil that’s tens of millions of years old. Hilarious.

To his credit, though, Nernberg knew that he wasn’t capable of doing much with the fossil (and I wouldn’t be either), so he turned it over to paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky of the University of Calgary. Her team plans to clean up the fossils, analyze them, and put them on display.

Now look at how Creationist Ken Ham is spinning this whole story.

He’s arguing that a Creationist made an important scientific discovery — not ironically — as if the two are genuinely linked together:

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Comedian Tracy Morgan Thanks Everyone but God in First Interview Following Accident

Earlier today, comedian Tracy Morgan gave his first interview since being in an accident that killed one of his friends.

During the segment with Matt Lauer, Morgan thanked lots of people involved in his recovery: The doctor, the nurses, his family, the police, the passers-by on the side of the road who stopped to help him out, his drivers, the people piloting the helicopter that took him to the hospital, etc.

Never once did he mention God.

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Christian Megachurch Punishes Woman for Seeking Divorce from Her Child-Porn-Watching Husband

Matthew Paul Turner, writing at The Daily Beast, has a disturbing story about a woman who was encouraged by her church elders to stay with her kiddie-porn-watching husband or face disciplinary action.

Karen Hinkley belonged to The Village Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch in Dallas. This is one of those churches that makes you sign a contract for the privilege of being associated with them. Among other things, the contract stipulates that you must be abstinent until marriage, your marriage must be “heterosexual and monogamous,” and you can’t watch porn. Then there’s this:

I will seek to preserve the gift of marriage and agree to walk through the steps of marriage reconciliation at The Village Church before pursuing divorce from my spouse.

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After Brazilian TV Host’s Anti-Atheist Rant, Court Orders Network to Play Religious Freedom PSA 72 Times

In July of 2010, José Luiz Datena, the host of Brasil Urgente, a primetime show in Brazil, reported on a crime in which a child was murdered… which made him go on an anti-atheist rant, because surely an atheist committed the evil act.

At one point, he even asked his producers to run a call-in poll on whether or not viewers believed in god, presumably hoping the pro-God results would convince atheists to adopt the majority stance. He then made up excuses when atheists crashed the poll.

Make sure the subtitles are on when you watch the video. A few screenshots are below:

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After Three Atheist Writers Are Killed in Bangladesh, Another Target is Brought to Safety in the U.S.

A few weeks ago, when atheist blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was brutally killed in Bangladesh, fellow activist Taslima Nasrin (below) mourned the loss and lamented how Bangladesh seemed to be worse than Pakistan (which was known for this sort of faith-based carnage).

Someone responded to her on Twitter with this not-so-veiled threat:

That person was referring to a list of Islamic critics targeted by radical Muslims:

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