What Did We Learn from Last Night’s Interview with the Duggars?

What were the takeaways from Megyn Kelly‘s interview last night with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

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Child in Spain Diagnosed with Diphtheria Because His Parents Didn’t Vaccinate Him

It’s bad enough when people don’t get vaccinated because they believe in pseudoscience. But when the vaccines are free and you’re putting your children at risk, it’s completely irresponsible:

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Respond to the Idea That Atheists Treat Science as a Religion

In the latest video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty responds to the silly notion that atheists are religious… about science.

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Seth MacFarlane Mocks His “Genius” Award By Pointing Out How It Comes from the Network Airing Duck Dynasty

Over the weekend, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane received a “Genius” honor at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

If that sounds a bit overblown to you… well, he felt that way, too.

But during his acceptance speech, he used the opportunity to both mock the award and the network that was airing it.

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Puerto Rico House Passes Legislation Establishing the National Day of Prayer

The Puerto Rico House of Representatives passed legislation this week establishing the National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May.

Because they believe in pandering to the voters as much as politicians in the U.S.

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