Ex-Hasidic Jew, Cut Off from Her Family After Leaving the Faith, Jumps to Her Death

Faigy Mayer was a former Hasidic Jew who left the faith about six years ago. When you’re an ex-Hasid, it means you’re essentially cut off from your family. They want nothing to do with you anymore. So not only are you alone, there’s a good chance you have little formal education or fluency in English.

Mayer got past that, though. She made new friends. She learned how to code and was working on an app to help other ex-Hasids navigate New York City. She was a member of a group called Footsteps, which helps other ex-Hasids. But nothing could overcome being cut off from her family, a loss that may have worsened her own depression.

On Monday night, the 30-year-old Mayer apparently jumped off the top of a 20-story bar to end her life.

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Georgia Church with LGBT-Affirming Pastor Vandalized with Graffiti

Here’s some Christian-on-Christian persecution for you.

The Metropolitan Community Church of Our Redeemer in Augusta, Georgia is one of those churches welcoming to LGBT people. In fact, Pastor Rick Sosbe and his partner were the first to get a marriage license after gay marriage became legal in the state.

But weeks after a rainbow flag was stolen from the front of the building, staffers at the church arrived Tuesday morning to see this:

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If You Really Believe Jesus is Returning Soon…

All those doomsday preachers never have the guts to stand by their claims…

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Everything… in 8 Minutes

The video is a lot more detailed than I thought it would be and surprisingly understandable. But what else would you expect from Neil deGrasse Tyson?

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Rick Santorum Complains About How Schools Don’t Offer Books with Straight Married Couples Anymore

Less than a week after Texas county officials said they would keep two books featuring gay and lesbian parents in the local library, GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum told reporters he’s tired of the straight-couple blackout in public schools:

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