Canadian Doctor Refuses to Prescribe Birth Control Because Jesus

We expect conservative Christian doctors in the U.S. to prioritize their religious beliefs over the needs of their patients. And we certainly don’t expect Canada to take any lessons about health care from us… but that’s what Chantal Barry of Westglen Medical Centre in Calgary seems to have done.

When Joan Chand’oiseau visited a walk-in clinic and saw this sign, she was rightfully outraged:

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Australian Shock Jock Fired After Bringing Up Muhammad’s Pedophilia

This coming August, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas will take place in Sydney Australia. Speakers include Pussy Riot, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein talking about why philosophers are more important than scientists, Salman Rushdie talking about how television has replaced the novel, and — until a few days ago — Uthman Badar talking about how “Honour Killings Are Morally Justified.” There was so much backlash against that title that Badar was disinvited from speaking.

Normally, the controversy would’ve been limited to that. But then a local Howard-Stern-like radio host jumped into the fray.

Shock jock Michael Smith (above) said that inviting Badar was like inviting a KKK leader. But then things took an awkward turn when he began complaining about Islam in general:

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Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) Speaks at the Secular Coalition for America’s Lobby Day Event

At the Secular Coalition for America’s Lobby Day, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) was one of the featured speakers and video of her talk is now online:

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A Play About the Birth of Jesus from an Atheist Perspective

Alexander Nye is a London-based playwright who’s written a script about how the nature of Jesus’ birth may have “led him to believe he was the son of a god.” Now, he’d like to put on a production of the show with your help:

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Can Atheists Undo Their Own Baptisms?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Can atheists undo their own baptisms?:

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