Atheist Group Asks Pride Festival Visitors: What Are You Proud Of?

If you’re looking for an example of how atheists can connect with a larger community, check out what the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers did over the weekend at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival:

Instead of just focusing on outreach to atheists, they asked visitors to their booth a simple question: “What are you proud of?”

The responses came in by the hundreds and you can see a sample of them on this Tumblr:

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Congress Passes Bill to Install God-Honoring Plaque at National World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial opened in Washington, D.C. in 2004 and it’s a wonderful tribute to those who risked and gave their lives for our country.

But you know what it’s missing?


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An Interview About Atheism-Related Blogging, Outreach, and Charity Work

Chris Stedman at Religion News Service conducted an interview with me about what I’ve learned after eight years of blogging and how our (broad) atheist community can improve. Check it out here — part two will go up tomorrow!

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Save Your Money: There Are No Lost Souls or Dark Energies in Your Home

There should be some standards regarding what gets published in a newspaper, right? Not when your newspaper’s parent company is owned by the same guy who owns Fox News Channel. But let’s make this clear:

It’s a problem to publish an article with the headline “Releasing lost souls or dark energies from your home.”

It’s a problem that the writer’s top qualification is that she was voted “Australian Psychic of The Year” in 2010. (Did she lose her powers since then? Who voted? Who ran the contest? So many questions!)

It’s a problem that this was listed in the “Experts” section:

So let’s see what Elisabeth Jensen advises us to do to save our homes from the evil invisible spirits:

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Another Christian Movie All About How Christians Are Persecuted in America

Rarely is an entire movie invalidated by the first few seconds of its trailer.

But that’s the case with One Generation Away, a film produced by Rick Santorum‘s EchoLight Studios that’s all about how Christians are being “persecuted” because they don’t get to push their faith in places like public schools.

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