For Easter, a Flying Spaghetti Monster Display Went Up in the Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Late last year, the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that anybody could put up a display in the State Capitol Building as long as they filled out the proper paperwork.

So to counter the Nativity Scenes around Christmas, they put up signs honoring gods from Game of Thrones.

The same thing happened last week. The Freedom From Religion Foundation put up signs saying “In Reason We Trust” (which were then stolen) to counter some Easter-related displays.

And the college students, not to be outdone, received permission to put up this poster:

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Powerful Speech Against Islamic Extremism

If you weren’t in Memphis over the weekend, you can catch Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s keynote address from the American Atheists convention below:

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Despite the Risks, Free Speech Is Worth Fighting For

A week after the brutal killing of Bangladeshi blogger and critic of Islam Washiqur Rahman (below), coming not long after the equally tragic killing of Avijit Roy, the New Yorker‘s George Packer offers a reflection on the price of free speech and why we must keep fighting for that right:

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An Atheist Dad Left His Kids with a Relative… Who Used the Opportunity to Proselytize. What Should He Do?

I received a message from an atheist father the other day.

His sister-in-law wanted to spend some quality time with his two daughters by taking them out for ice cream — why would he say no to that? So the girls went with their aunt. When they arrived, the aunt’s pastor was waiting for them…

The father explained the situation in this image:

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Creating New Life from Death, the Atheist Way

For atheists who wonder what should be done with their bodies after they die, here’s a really neat option, courtesy of the Urban Death Project:

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