They Must Not Teach Probability in Seminary School…

Fr. Alfonse Nazzaro of the St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas is a Catholic priest with a blog, and he has a post up about how atheists don’t believe in God because we had bad childhoods or really want to sin…

He’s wrong, but I don’t even care about any of that.

It’s this part that infuriates me (italics his):

… Even [atheists] still buy a lottery ticket, while at the same time denying any chance in heaven that God exists.

What chance is there of winning the Powerball or Mega millions lottery? One in a billion. What chance is there of God existing? Fifty-fifty. After all, either God exists or He doesn’t. But if he does and I believe, then I just won the jackpot!

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A French Expatriate’s Article on Atheists in America

This is a guest post by Hélène Crié-Wiesner. She is a French expat living in North Carolina and this article was originally published in Long Cours, a French-language magazine filled with unique, lengthy dispatches from reporters based all around the world.

Note: All URLs below are my own additions, because I thought they’d be helpful. Portions of the translated piece have been edited for clarity. [Read more...]

Bill Maher’s New Rule: ‘You Can’t Run for President if You Don’t Know How Old the World Is’

Bill Maher has a few New Rules for 2013 and none is more accurate than this one:

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Lying Reverend Now Accuses Atheists of Hacking His Computer

A few days ago, I mentioned that Rev. Austin Miles at The Christian Post deleted portions of an article he wrote after atheists called him out on it. Afterwards, he claimed he never wrote those portions of his piece (even though Google Cache said otherwise) and accused the atheists of trying to discredit him.

Now, Miles has a new explanation for what happened: Atheists hacked into his account, saw his rough draft, and used the draft’s words against him before the final version was posted: [Read more...]

Exclusive Excerpt: Jesus Has Two Daddies

This is an excerpt from Jesus Has Two Daddies: Two Dads, One Family by Tom McMillen-Oakley (2 Moon Press, 2012). Reprinted by permission of the author. [Read more...]