U.S Court of Appeals Rules Against Santa Monica (CA) Christian Group in Years-Long Nativity Scene Battle

In 2011, in Santa Monica, California, several people entered a lottery to determine who would get to put up holiday displays in the 21 lots available in Palisades Park. Traditionally, the spaces always ended up in the hands of Christians because no one else wanted them.

But that year, most of the applicants were atheists. When all was said and done, they won an astonishing 18 of 21 spaces. Christians won 2 of the remaining spots and a Jewish person won 1.

These are some of the signs the atheists put up:

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Diabetic Child Dies After Parents Take Him to Alt-Med Practitioner Who Advocated “Slapping Therapy”

Aidan Fenton, a seven-year-old diabetic boy from Australia, is dead because his parents took him to an alternative medicine practitioner instead of a qualified doctor.

When you hear the specifics of what that alternative doctor (below) did to him, you’re going to be horrified:

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“Because the Bible Said So”: An Awful Argument Against Gay Marriage

Here’s a handy flowchart for those who oppose gay marriage for biblical reasons…

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Freedom of Speech… As Long It’s Speech I Agree With

Jesus and Mo discuss freedom of speech… which is awesome, as long as other people aren’t allowed to use it.

Full comic over here.

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Atheist Groups Are Making Large Donations to Help Nepal Relief Efforts

I mentioned earlier this week that Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Disaster Recovery team was raising funds to help victims and families affected by the Nepal earthquake.

We just announced that the first beneficiary of the fundraiser is the Women’s Foundation Nepal:

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