Catholic Priest: Atheism Sucks Because the Godless Don’t Have Cool Hats Like Religious People

Here’s a new argument sure to persuade atheists everywhere: You should ditch atheism because it’s really boring and adopt a religion — any religion — because they all have cool hats.

That’s the case made by Catholic priest Fr. Dwight Longenecker:

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After He Was Accused of Child Molestation, Josh Duggar’s Family Did Everything Wrong

The last time we posted about Josh Duggar (below), one of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” and the Executive Director of Family Research Council’s FRC Action, he was working hard to overturn a nondiscrimination bill in Fayetteville, Arkansas in order to make life worse for LGBT citizens in the area.

His hate group has repeatedly said LGBT people pose a threat to children, alleging that there’s a link between homosexuality and pedophilia and that gay parents are somehow worse than straight ones.

Turns out Josh Duggar is far more dangerous to children than the LGBT people he has demonized for so long.

According to a police report obtained by In Touch magazine, several years ago, Josh was accused of touching five underage girls on their breasts and vaginas. (Four of them were his sisters. Some of them were sleeping when he molested them.)

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A Film About Questioning Your Fundamental Beliefs

Last year, I posted about Nathan Deming‘s 20-minute film about giving up his faith and regaining both his sexuality and sanity. It’s called “Tongues” (some scenes NSFW):

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Zone Theory Will Change Your Life

In this Scientology spoof, comedy duo Tim & Eric (Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) explain how your life will change if you use Zone Theory:

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Bill Nye Speaks About Climate Change in Rutgers Commencement Address

Bill Nye delivered a commencement address at Rutgers over the weekend (just after receiving an honorary degree) that focused on the importance of climate change and the next generation’s burden:

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