Christian Pastor Uses Bull to Draw in Converts

Have you ever seen a more perfect metaphor…?

In order to get media attention, a pastor at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio (home of Hug Me Jesus) brought in a bull during a church service. (Because what else are you gonna do with all that tax-free money. Help people?)

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I Hear That’s What They Do at Summer Bible Camp

I guess this church in Kouts, Indiana has given up on the whole abstinence thing…

You hear them, everyone. Plant those seeds inside each other!

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Son of Man: A Christian Atheist Play Will Debut on London Stage Later This Month

Last year, I posted about playwright Alexander Nye‘s new work, about how the nature of Jesus’ birth may have “led him to believe he was the son of a god.” It’s an atheist telling of the Gospel story.

Later this month, that production will have its debut on a London stage:

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Beware the Institutes with Few Scientists…

The Discovery Institute.

The Institute for Creation Research.

Yep, this chart is pretty accurate. Especially the bottom right part of it.

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Getting “In God We Trust” Off of the Money: An Update

Last week, Michael Newdow wrote a piece for this site about a new approach he was using to get “In God We Trust” off our money. In short, it used the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) against the government, saying they didn’t have a good enough reason to burden atheists with the religious phrase.

Since then, there have been a few updates to the story.

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