If You Promote a Story That Turns Out to Be False, Don’t You Have an Obligation to Correct It?

As anyone who reads atheist blogs is probably aware, there have been some high-profile (at least within this community) cases of sexual harassment (and worse) over the past few years.

One case in particular involved Ben Radford, a prominent skeptical writer. He was accused of “stalking, sexual harassment, and both physical and sexual assault” by his former girlfriend Karen Stollznow (a prominent skeptic in her own right). It’s been going on for a couple of years with both sides raising money for legal defense.

Without going into more details (and there are so many more details), those are damning allegations and Radford denied them completely. But several bloggers were quick to condemn him (or at least perpetuate the story) based on what Stollznow said.

That alone doesn’t bother me. Sexual harassment is a serious topic and I appreciate those with the courage to address the issue. If it makes us more aware of the problem so that we can take steps to prevent it, we’re all better off for it. (I’m not a fan of bloggers with limited information playing the role of a judge who’s supposed to have all of the information, but there you go.)

Then, nearly two weeks ago, Radford shared a statement that both he and Stollznow signed:

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What Has Religion Done for Us This Month? Episode 17

Daniel is back with another montage of some of the awful things done in the name of God over the past month:

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See? That Mass Murder Confirmed What I Already Believed!

DarkMatter2525‘s latest video sheds light on a disappointing truth in our society. When a tragedy occurs and people die, so many of us seem to care only about whether the killer’s identity supports our preconceived social/political/religious beliefs.

The lives of the dead — and anything else for that matter — become afterthoughts.

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 57: Vyckie Garrison, Founder of No Longer Qivering

Our latest podcast guest is Vyckie Garrison, the founding editor of No Longer Qivering, a website based upon the “quiverfull” lifestyle that she left years ago. (Why that spelling? Because, she says, there’s no “you” in quivering.)

She was also named American Atheists’ 2015 Atheist of the Year.

Jessica spoke with Vyckie about how she left the movement made famous by the Duggar family, whether her children are still religious, and why patriarchal thinking hurts men as well as women.

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Author of Awkward Moments Children’s Bible Cancels Similar Qur’an-Themed Project

Horus Gilgamesh is the author of the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible, which documents many of the Bible’s little-known verses.

After writing that book and a sequel, he decided to do something *really* blasphemous: create a similar book focusing on the Qur’an.

Unfortunately, the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Kid’s Koran won’t be coming out anytime soon since he’s decided to pull the plug on the project:

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