If You’re Thinking of Visiting Orlando, Next Week Would Be a Good Time to Go

For those of you who want an appetizer to the Reason Rally on March 24th or for those of you who can’t go and want another chance to meet other atheists, the Center for Inquiry is hosting a conference in Orlando, Florida called “Moving Secularism Forward” next week (March 1st – 4th). The speakers are [Read More...]

I Guess Conservative Christians are Geminis

I think The Onion found out how to read the minds of all those Christians who pray before city council meetings or who demand that a prayer banner should stay up at a public school: (Thanks to Alan for the link!) [Read more...]

Atheist Group at Colgate University off to a Great Start

I’m always amazed when first-year college atheist groups manage to put together a popular event but Matthew Knowles and Thomas Wobby just began the Secular Association of Skeptical Students at Colgate University (in New York) and their Darwin Day celebration last week was a hit, getting them front-page coverage in their campus newspaper: Wobby and [Read More...]

Free Atheist Conference in the Bible Belt Taking Place This April

The Wichita Coalition of Reason is planning a free conference April 21st-22nd — call it a sequel to last year’s Rapture Day conference. They have some great speakers for the occasion, too. Even though it’s a free conference, it takes money to put it all together and Phil Ferguson is matching all money raised for [Read More...]

City Council Waits to Turn on Parking Meters on Sunday to Help Churches

This is a recurring theme: Parking meters exist to generate revenue for the city, but the city council alters the time the meters are in effect to accommodate local churches. It’s happened in Chicago and Philadelphia. Now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is going after the city council (PDF) in San Luis Obispo, California. In [Read More...]