This October, Tim Minchin Will Release an Illustrated Book Version of “Storm”

How’s this for some holiday news?

Renaissance man Tim Minchin will soon be releasing a book version of his wonderful beat poem “Storm”:

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The Hobby Lobby Case, Summarized

Jonathan Schmock perfectly encapsulates the Hobby Lobby verdict:

(via Reddit)

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Atheists Helping the Homeless in Washington State

The Secular Humanists of Everett (in Washington state) are embarking on a mission to provide small backpacks full of toiletries and other necessities to homeless people in their community.

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Supreme Court Gives Christian College an Easier Way to Get Out of Providing Emergency Contraception

Remember when we thought the Supreme Court had only allowed an exception to the contraception mandate to closely-held businesses? They were just kidding about that. Wheaton College, an evangelical Christian school in Illinois, already had the ability to avoid offering emergency contraception to employees and students. All they had to do was fill out a [Read More…]

Pseudohistorian David Barton: Senator Harry Reid is an “Atheist Mormon”

We’re all wondering when another member of Congress will follow Pete Stark‘s lead and admit to not believing in God, but who knew there was one right under our noses?

That’s what Christian pseudohistorian David Barton claimed today on his “WallBuilders Live” radio show. He was talking about Mormon Senator Harry Reid‘s support of a bill that would let states regulate the amount of money raised and spent during elections:

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