The Religious Version of Upworthy

If the writers at Upworthy were around during important moments in religious history, that site might look something like this:

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A Promotional Video for a School Curriculum That Will Never Challenge Students

In this promotional video for Bob Jones University Press, we learn that Christianity is infused in everything from the teaching of math (1 + 1 + 1 = 1?) to the workers in the company’s warehouse:

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This is Why Atheists Talk About God So Much

DarkMatters2525 responds to the idea that atheists hate God and that’s why we talk about Him so much:

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Toll Collector Quits Job After Being Told She Can’t Say “God Bless You” to Drivers

Cynthia Fernandez, a toll collector in New Jersey, quit her job last week not long after she was told by her boss not to say “God bless you” to drivers:

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Finally, a Chemistry Demonstration About Religion That I Can Support

After yesterday’s post about a science experiment used to teach kids about Jesus and “sin,” I’m glad someone was able to repeat the experiment in a much more useful way:

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