A Change for Foundation Beyond Belief

Last month, the board of directors of the Foundation Beyond Belief (including me) met in Chicago to discuss the future of the organization, both immediate and long-term. One of the major issues we talked about was the number of charities we supported each quarter (10, including FBB) and how much money we were donating to [Read More...]

Yep, This Will Make Everything Better…

You know that whole “Don’t Be a Dick” thing? This is the sort of thing it’s referring to: Alright, let’s get some things out of the way. Is American Atheists president Dave Silverman talking about Islam (and not all Muslims)? Yes. Good. That’s where the focus ought to be. Is it an accurate statement? Where [Read More...]

This Bible Would Be Kinda Awesome…

Bibles get better every year, don’t they? (Thanks to Travis for the link!) [Read more...]

Are ‘One in Four’ People Really Atheists?

As of this week, the Seattle Atheists have four different ads circulating on twelve buses throughout the city proclaiming that “1 in 4 is an atheist“: I love the look of the ads… but I cannot figure out where they’re getting this 1 in 4 number. The closest thing I can find is this excerpt [Read More...]

Understanding Christianity and Global Climate Change

This is a guest post by Lisa. [Personal information has been removed.] … I used to believe global climate change wasn’t real. Raised in a conservative, orthodox Christian church, denial went with the territory. Along with evolution and dinosaurs, climate change fell into the camp of liberal lies. For many, it is unfathomable that people [Read More...]