U.S. Air Force Officials Reminded of Flag-Folding Methods, One of Which is Full of Christian Symbolism

Commander’s Call Topics is an email publication going out to high-ranking Air Force personnel, and a recent issue reminded them of the symbolism behind two different flag-folding ceremonies. One of them was non-religious but the other one — which can be used at “personal ceremonies as long as the participants are volunteers” — is explicitly Christian:

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This is How Brigham Young University’s Honor Code Hurts Mormons Who May Question Their Faith

Brigham Young University is a private institution owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a “Mormons”). Unlike some other religiously-operated schools, BYU is a fully accredited and well-respected academic institution. (They even teach evolution!) They also willingly admit both Mormon and non-Mormon students, though the latter pay a much higher tuition rate.

All students attending BYU, Mormon or not, are required to sign and live by the BYU “Honor Code,” which mandates that students live in BYU-approved housing and live by LDS standards — abstaining from alcohol, coffee, tobacco, narcotics, pre-marital sex, homosexual relations, and much more.

Somewhat insidiously, the Honor Code specifically targets Mormon students:

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Someone Set Fire to Coffee Shop Owned by Jesus-Loving Mayor; Guess Who He Blamed?

Earlier Wednesday morning, the Will Rogers Coffee Company in Texas caught on fire, damaging part of the exterior wall and melting some freezers inside the building.

Security footage — not yet public — supposedly revealed someone driving up near the building and throwing something at it (in an act of arson).

As it turns out, Will Rogers also doubles as Mayor of Hawkins, Texas, a city I’ve posted about in recent weeks because of the giant “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” sign greeting visitors:

So, of course, Rogers had a hunch about what happened to his coffee shop:

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Is the “Relentlessly Gay” Yard a Giant Hoax?

Last week, we all heard about the colorful solar lamps in Julie Baker‘s yard spelling out the words “Love” and “Ohana” (the Hawaiian word for “family”).

As the story went, one of her neighbors sent Baker a note about how her yard was becoming “Relentlessly Gay” and how that was bad for children.

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Pat Robertson Tells Woman to Avoid Her Wiccan Neighbors Because “They’ll Destroy Your Children”

Giver of all wisdom Pat Robertson was asked on The 700 Club about how a woman should respond to her new Wiccan neighbors. Should they be friends? Should she allow her son to befriend their daughter?

Robertson, as expected, responded with the love of Christ: By telling the woman to avoid them at all costs before they ruin her family.

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