Concert Event Featuring Atheist Rappers

Atheist rappers Greydon Square and Tombstone da Deadman, along with their partners at Grand Unified, are planning an East Coast concert this summer and they’d trying to fundraise the amount they need to make it successful:

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Help Us Out and Tell Us What You Do!

We’ve posted this in the past. If you’ve already responded, there’s no need to do it again. Thanks!

Every now and then, the writers on this site will be working on a post about, say, the difference between the geology of the Grand Canyon versus city streets… and we realize it would be great if we could talk to atheists who actually study that subject! Maybe we want to quote you in the post. Or (more likely) we just need to ask you a question about geology in general.

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God May Love Uganda, but Christians Are Making It a Horrific Place for LGBT Individuals

If you’re doing nothing else on this day off, consider watching God Loves Uganda on Netflix or iTunes:

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These Kentucky Officials Think They Can “Pray the Heroin Away”

Turns out there’s a big heroin problem in Owensboro, Kentucky — there have been three attempts to smuggle it into the local jail in the past six months — but have no fear: The Daviess County Sheriff (Keith Cain) and Jailer (David Osborne) took part in a Christian service yesterday to “pray the heroin away“:

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After Possible Church/State Violation, Mayor Allegedly Tells Atheist: “Take Me to Fucking Court because I Don’t Care”

Earlier this month, we saw how rough things could be for the Omaha Atheists when their Adopt-a-Highway sign was vandalized:

We’re now getting an idea of how hostile it can really be in their community.

Yesterday, the city of La Vista hosted a “Faith & Freedom Day“:

Why was the city hosting a faith-based event? It was a question Omaha Atheists board member Robert Fuller had for Mayor Douglas Kindig (below). So he gave the mayor his business card at the event and requested a meeting at a later time to discuss any possible church/state violations.

And here’s how that went down, according to a press release from the group:

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