Deaf Atheist (and Former Pastor) Explains in Sign Language Why God is a Myth

You may recall Pastor Justin Vollmar, who released YouTube videos in which he explained biblical concepts and answered theological questions — all in sign language — as part of his “Virtual Deaf Church.”

A year ago, he came out as an atheist.

In his latest video, Vollmar explains why the Christian concept of God isn’t worth believing in, partly because He’s just a rehashed version of all the gods that came before Him.

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You’re Supposed to Be Smarter Than Us, Canada

Earlier today, I did an interview with Global News (in Canada) about superstition and Friday the 13th.

While most of it ended up on the cutting room floor (as is usually the case), I make a quick appearance near the end of this report:

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This is How Absurd the American Family Association’s Bigotry Map Is

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains how ridiculous the American Family Association’s Bigotry Map is.

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Unhappy with a Moment of Silence, Winter Garden City Commissioners (FL) Vote to Bring Back Public Prayers

Last year, Mayor John Rees, the leader of the Winter Garden City Commissioners (in Florida), kicked atheist Joseph Richardson out of a meeting after he refused to stand for the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:

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Bryan Fischer: Unlike Liberals, I’m a “Live and Let Live” Sort of Guy

Guess who said this?

I may disapprove of your lifestyle, but I’m not going to use force to try and stop you from making those choices.

Answer: Bryan Fischer, a guy who advocates for laws that make life difficult for people whose “lifestyles” he disapproves of.

He said as much on his radio show yesterday:

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