Seventh-Day Adventist Church Propaganda Video Argues Against the Ordination of Women

Why can’t women be ordained in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church?

There’s no good answer to the question, as church leaders usually fall back on “tradition” and “the Bible said so” and “Respect mah authoritay,” but a new video attempts to answer the question from the Church’s perspective.

Brace yourself for some screenshots:

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Atheist Billboard in East Tennessee Draws Surprisingly Positive Reactions

A few days ago, the Rationalists of East Tennessee put up a billboard in Knoxville, Tennessee with the message, “Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone!”

I felt like it was a fairly tame message, but when you’re in a conservative area, you never know how people will react…

And I’ll admit: I was shocked by the reaction:

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Disciples of the New Dawn, a “Godly” Group Whose Images Are Going Viral Online, is a Parody… So Stop Freaking Out

For some reason, a supposedly faith-based group called “Disciples of the New Dawn” is getting global attention for it’s over-the-top denunciations of things most Christians would tell you are perfectly fine (at least in certain cases).

Like divorce:

Divorce is the leading cause of emotional instability and reckless behavior in women today. They become unable to function when they are detached from the man who has been there to guide them and make sure that their house is clean, dinner is served, children are cared for and see to it that they are properly structured when necessary!

Don’t let your woman ruin her life!

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Fareed Zakaria to Bill Maher: Your Criticism of Islam May Result in “Applause Lines” But It Won’t Create Real Change

In one of the more interesting discussions on Islam I’ve seen on Real Time with Bill Maher, panelist Fareed Zakaria challenged Maher on things he’s said about the faith. They actually agreed on some general criticisms of the faith, but Zakaria focused on Maher’s tactics, like using Sam Harris‘ words and calling Islam the “mother lode of bad ideas.”

If Maher really wanted to see actual change take shape, Zakaria suggested, insults like that weren’t helping.

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Polish Filmmaker Explores Symbol of “Religious Lunacy” in Warsaw

Polish filmmaker Zenon Kalafaticz just posted a video about the “greatest symbol of religious lunacy” in Poland: The Temple of Divine Providence.

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