Kirk Cameron: When I Tell Gay People They’re Going to Hell, That’s Just Me Loving Them

Kirk Cameron told a group of students at Liberty University that he was “crucified” for speaking out against gay marriage during a CNN interview. But he hasn’t suffered one bit. [Read more...]

Mr. Deity Explains the Racist Theological Roots of Mormonism

The (actual) moral message begins at the 2:00 mark. That part alone is worth watching. [Read more...]

A Creationist Teaches Children About Biblical Dinosaurs

Watch the indoctrination of children at the hands of a Creationist [Read more...]

Sounds Like Humanism To Me, Too

A new online-only ad campaign from the American Humanist Association reminds us that many well-known personalities speak as if they were Humanists even if they don’t use the label [Read more...]

A Christian Apologist Just Debated Richard Dawkins… Kind Of

Christian apologist William Lane Craig recently debated Richard Dawkins on stage at the Contending with Christianity’s Critics Conference at a church in Dallas, Texas. There’s just one problem with that: Richard Dawkins doesn’t debate Creationists. How does that work, exactly…? Simple. Craig, taking a page from the book of Clint Eastwood for some odd reason, [Read More...]