Pew Study Shows That 48% of LGBT Adults Are Non-Religious

A new survey of LGBT adults by the Pew Research Center reveals a lot about the intersection of homosexuality and religion.

Let’s run through the data (PDF):

When it comes to the religious beliefs of LGBT adults, 48% are non-religious and as astonishing 17% of them are atheists or agnostics:

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The Christian Alphabet

I knew Christians had their own language, but I didn’t know they had their own alphabet, too:

I take issue with the word for the letter X…

Oh. And the whole childhood indoctrination thing, too. Can’t forget that.

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Catherine Dunphy Speaks About Pastors Who Lose Their Faith

Catherine Dunphy, Executive Director of The Clergy Project, recently appeared on State of Belief, a radio show hosted by Rev. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance. The interview is short, but full of good information about pastors who lose their faith and need a way out of the church.

In particular, I would draw your attention to this exchange near the end:

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The Parable of the Terrible Father

This is a guest post by Kiel Christianson.


Once there was an extremely wealthy man who had one son. This man’s wealth was seemingly without limits, and his love for his son was said to be boundless. The son’s mother had died in childbirth, so the father was the sole parent and guardian of his son.

The wealthy man promised all his wealth would be endowed to his son, as long as the boy did what he was instructed to do throughout his life. He told the boy to take care of his home, to keep it clean and tidy. The father told him to watch over their neighborhood and help protect his neighbors. He told him to work hard and maintain the integrity and profitability of the family business, from which all their immense wealth derived.

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Religion Doesn’t Make You a Better Person

David Hayward lays to waste the stereotype that you have to believe in God to be good:

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