I Can’t Believe He Narrowed It Down to Five Things

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Who Needs Religion When You Have Math?

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Helpful Suggestions for Atheism+

Robby Bensinger offers a few helpful suggestions for the Atheism+ crowd, as it grows out of its infancy, because he wants to see it succeed. A brief glimpse into his suggestions are below but I’d encourage you to read his full post here. 1. Define Yourselves. It isn’t always crazy to let a term’s usage [Read More...]

That Awkward Moment When Your Name Is Translated Into Polish…

My friend August sent along this image from some book in Polish. I didn’t realize my name needed translating: Then again, I guess that’s closer than most people get… [Read more...]

London Atheist Group Prepares to Hand Out Godless Condoms

The University College London Union Atheists, Secularists & Humanists are preparing for their organizational fair at the beginning of the year and they plan to hand out condoms with skeptic-friendly phrases on them: Right now, here’s what they’re considering: Science: keeping you safe since 1919. Nothing gets past reason. Protect thy neighbour as thyself. We [Read More...]