A Transcript of My CNN Interview

It seems like the CNN interview I did on Saturday isn’t online anywhere. Boo… since I haven’t seen it yet and I kind of want to (If you get me a video copy, I’ll give you $9834913123 of Internet money.) But the transcript is online! Anytime there’s a TV interview, facial reactions and tone carry [Read More...]

They Said ‘Teach the Controversy’…

From today’s Non Sequitur: (via Exploring Our Matrix) [Read more...]

A Catholic Group in the Philippines Says It Doesn’t Have Enough Power in Congress and Deserves More

If you’re part of a marginalized group in America, it means you probably have no one in Congress to represent you and fight for you. In the Philippines, there’s a way to combat this: It’s called the Party-List Systems Act: The State shall promote proportional representation in the election of representatives to the House of [Read More...]

A Fellow Atheist Blogger Has Converted to Catholicism

Leah Libresco, who also blogs on Patheos’ Atheism channel and had put together the Ideological Turing Test, made a bit of a surprise announcement this morning: She’s converting to Catholicism. I believed that the Moral Law wasn’t just a Platonic truth, abstract and distant. It turns out I actually believed it was some kind of [Read More...]

New York Times Columnist: If You Don’t Fully Support the Catholic Church, Just Leave it

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has a new book out — Why Catholicism Matters — and Bill Keller of the New York Times agrees with him (!!!) when it comes to how to handle the Catholics who don’t buy into everything the Church hierarchy dictates: Let them go: Donohue notes that roughly a quarter [Read More...]