National World War II Memorial May Soon Include a Plaque Honoring God

The National World War II Memorial opened in Washington, D.C. in 2004 and it’s a wonderful tribute to those who risked and gave their lives for our country.

But you know what it’s missing?


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Christian Artist Jack Chick Warned Us About Dungeons & Dragons… and His Fear is Now the Basis for a Hilarious Film

In 1984, Jack Chick wrote another one of his obnoxious tracts where the Christians are good and the non-Christians are evil and all paths not leading directly to Christ are to be avoided at all costs. This particular tract was about the horrors of Dungeons & Dragons:

Yep, that’s what the game will do to you…

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Pennsylvania Judge Who Struck Down Gay Marriage Ban Also Destroyed Intelligent Design Movement

By now, you know that a judge in Pennsylvania struck down a ban against gay marriage today. It’s a wonderfully-written ruling worth reading in full, but what makes it especially great is that Judge John E. Jones III is a George-W-Bushappointed, Rick-Santorumapproved Republican who may be best known to this site’s readers as the judge who pretty much single-handedly destroyed the Intelligent Design movement in 2005 with his decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover.

Since the Religious Right is undoubtedly going to criticize him as some activist judge with a liberal agenda, it’s worth taking a look at some of the statements he’s made to show that those labels don’t apply to him at all.

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You Can Now “Adopt a Priest” on This French Website

Given the level of scandal in the Catholic Church, you’d think parading priests around as meat for any reason would raise all sorts of red flags… until you remember that if the Church had any red flags, it wouldn’t be in this mess.

Six dioceses in Normandy, France have banded together in an effort to raise funds for their leaders (because, you know, the Church has no money) by allowing visitors to “adopt” a priest and donate money for things like food and clothes. While the “priests” on the site are actors, the items you buy support the real priests in those churches.

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Why is This New Christian Park Getting a $140,000 Boost from Iowan Taxpayers?

This is Shepherd’s Garden, a new Christian park being built in Sioux City, Iowa, that was created to “be a visible reminder that God’s presence is not confined to sacred institutions and buildings, but is very much a part of the public sphere”:

You can see the multitude of Prayer Spaces already, but their brochure indicates that they also plan to include a “Walk of Faith” Walkway, walkway stones with Bible verses, and crosses.

At first glance, this is one of those things that should elicit eyerolls from atheists, but not much else. (What, churches aren’t good enough anymore?)

But it turns out the money for the park isn’t just coming from private donors:

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