Christian Pastor Freaks Out Over Church Members Who Want to Live in the Countryside

Today’s episode of “The Pastor Steven Anderson Show” features our main character having what can only be described as an aneurysm as he yells at members of his congregation who want to move out to the countryside and become farmers.

Because the city is where all the unsaved people live and, unless you go to them, they’re all gonna burn to Hell.

In short, stop wasting your time growing organic produce, dammit!

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Let Us Celebrate the Birth of the Demon Spawn

This baptism announcement was actually printed in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet this week:

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A Compilation of Steven Pinker’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Sweet! Here’s a compilation of Steven Pinker‘s best arguments and comebacks. (Likely the first of many such videos.)

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She Should’ve Just Said Her Name Was Nancy

This is pleasant.

It’s a church play explaining how much God loves you… by condemning a good woman to burn in Hell for all of eternity.

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TV Watchdog Group Condemns Family Guy for Molestation Jokes a Week After Promoting 19 Kids and Counting

The Parents Television Council is one of those activist groups that complains about television shows that don’t meet their specific set of standards. It’s the same group responsible for generating the biggest freakout following Janet Jackson‘s exposed nipple during the 2004 Super Bowl. (Because kids who are accidentally exposed to a half-second nip-slip will be scarred for life.)

PTC just released a report decrying some jokes made on Family Guy:

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