Salt and Pepper Jesus

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FFRF Puts ‘God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation’ Billboards at Sites of DNC and RNC Conventions

That’s the billboard the Freedom From Religion Foundation is putting up in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina — the sites of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, respectively. “This is an equal-opportunity message to both political parties and all public officials. Essentially, we secularists, who comprise nearly a fifth of the U.S. population, are [Read More...]

A Ballot Measure in Florida Could Give Taxpayer Money to Religious Schools

The Broward County School Board in Florida, like many other districts in the state, has laid off a lot of teachers over the past few years. Things have gotten a little better, but they still rely on taxpayer money to function properly. This November, there’s a ballot measure that could make it even harder for [Read More...]

You’re So Close!

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We’re Not on Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

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