Stop Saying ‘In Bed’ When You Read Fortune Cookies… Try This Instead

Or you could try this, too.

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Are Muslim Extremists Worse Than Extremists of Other Faiths?

On Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher interviewed Brian Levin of the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. As you might expect, the discussion began with a mention of the religious beliefs (Islam) of the Boston bombers. (There’s no evidence yet, of course, linking their religious beliefs to their actions.)

Levin argued that religious extremism, if that’s what this was, isn’t limited to Islam. There are extremists in just about every faith.

Maher called that “liberal bullshit” and the argument began:

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Are Orthodox Jews Really Not Allowed to Accept Blood from Women, Non-Orthodox Jews, and Non-Jews?

I saw this eye-popping headline in my inbox and on Twitter the other day:

Rabbi bans Orthodox Jewish men from taking blood donated by women, non Orthodox Jews, non Jews

The article, which was written by Ryan Lee Hall for, went on to explain that an unnamed rabbi had written about this in a new book:

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Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $43,855 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the First Quarter of 2013. Check out the donations — $43,855 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations:

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A Conspiracy Theory Flowchart… OR IS IT?

Crispian Jago has a helpful flowchart of the conspiracy theories they don’t want you to see. Turns out there are a bunch I didn’t even know existed!

Which only means The Man was keeping them from me:

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