Vote Your Conviction, Says Baptist Church, While Giving Congregation a List of Whom to Vote For

Mid-Way Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina wants its members to vote their convictions!

But just in case their members’ convictions don’t match the church leaders’ convictions, they decided to help everyone by handing out a list of candidates who happen to be of the right persuasion…

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Christian Files Lawsuit to Prevent Gay Marriage in SC… Because It Would Prevent Him from Worshiping the Lord

If this lawsuit is any indication, Christians must be done trying to fight marriage equality using anything resembling an argument.

Don Boyd seems to think that if gay marriage is legalized in South Carolina, it would prevent him from being a Christian:

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Most Britons Believe Religion Does More Harm Than Good, Huff Post UK Poll Reveals

A new poll done by the Huffington Post UK and research group Survation reveals that Brits believe religion does more harm than good:

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Conservative School Board Members in Arizona Don’t Want Students to See This Page in Their Honors Biology Textbooks

The board members of the Gilbert Public Schools in Arizona voted 3-2 last week to remove a page from an honors biology textbook because it contains information about birth control and abortion.

Sure, it says “Complete abstinence (avoiding intercourse) is the only totally effective method of birth control,” but since it suggests that there may be other options, it’s heresy to conservatives, including Natalie Decker of the Alliance Defending Freedom who persuaded the board members to excise the section.

I guess the only solution now, besides voting those board members out of office at the next possible opportunity, is to make sure that page is as widely available as possible…:

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Atheist Grandparents Get Noah’s Ark Display Removed from Delaware Playground

If you visited Norma B. Handloff Park in Newark, Delaware last week, you would’ve seen this display telling the biblical story of Noah’s Ark:

If that seems out of place at a public park… that’s because it is.

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