Christian “Praise Prom” Organizer Banned Scottish Boy Wearing Kilt Until He Changed Into Man-Pants

At any other prom, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for David Leix to wear his grandfather’s kilt in honor of his Scottish heritage.

But David attended “Praise Prom,” which is for Christian home-schoolers. Organizers thought he was wearing a skirt, so they banned him from entering until he came back wearing dress pants, forcing him to miss hours of what was supposed to be a wonderful memory:

Now, the organizer is doing damage control, saying she had no problem with his heritage. It’s just, you know, the length.

I guess he was showing too much skin in that picture.

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Faith-Healer Adam Miller Drops Lawsuit Against YouTuber Calling Him Out on His Claims

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about faith-healer Adam Miller and how he claims to be able to cure cancer, spinal injuries, poisoning, and AIDS.

Last December, Stephanie Guttormson decided to call him out on it on her Think Stephtically YouTube channel:

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Christian Pastor Uses Bull to Draw in Converts

Have you ever seen a more perfect metaphor…?

In order to get media attention, a pastor at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio (home of Hug Me Jesus) brought in a bull during a church service. (Because what else are you gonna do with all that tax-free money. Help people?)

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I Hear That’s What They Do at Summer Bible Camp

I guess this church in Kouts, Indiana has given up on the whole abstinence thing…

You hear them, everyone. Plant those seeds inside each other!

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Son of Man: A Christian Atheist Play Will Debut on London Stage Later This Month

Last year, I posted about playwright Alexander Nye‘s new work, about how the nature of Jesus’ birth may have “led him to believe he was the son of a god.” It’s an atheist telling of the Gospel story.

Later this month, that production will have its debut on a London stage:

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