Thank You, My Anonymous Reddit Secret Santa

All my Reddit Secret Santa really knew about me was that I was a math teacher (and an atheist, though that wasn’t relevant here)… and s/he sent me the following (after the jump)! [Read more...]

When Doctors Speak Nonsense

Here’s an awful story: Three-year-old Brooklyn Hunter was shaken, beaten, and abused by her stepfather last month, shattering her skull and putting her in the ER. There’s some good news: She’s doing better. She’s conscious of what’s going on around her. She knows it’s Christmas. She wants a doll, etc… and she’ll go in for [Read More...]

Church Wants You To Add a Zero to Your Contributions

Adidas recently tried to trademark the term “adiZero” for a new line of footwear/clothing… but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the request. Why? Because it’s dangerously close to a phrase the Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Illinois has already trademarked: “Add a zero.” As in: Add a zero to the amount you’re [Read More...]

Washing Machines with Glass Doors Rock

This has nothing to do with atheism, but I saw this video by LookItsMolly and it made me laugh more the longer I watched it It’s only 1:17. Check it out: Ok, I’ll bite: What’s making you happy? [Read more...]

The 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard… for Atheists

The Secular Coalition for America has just published a report card for the 2012 presidential candidates… and while you can make a pretty strong prediction as to how this will pan out, the differences are really remarkable. (Keep in mind that the SCA does not endorse candidates.) The grades break down like this: An A [Read More...]