This Animation Shows How the Major Religions Spread Throughout World History

How did the major religions spread over the course of history?

Alex Kuzoian of Business Insider shows us in this neat animation:

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Saudi Newspaper Publishes Essay Trashing Arab Atheists

Usually, a good op-ed piece offers an interesting opinion backed up with facts.

The Saudi Gazette — an English-language paper — has given up on the latter part of that equation. They just published an essay by Mohammad Al-Buraidi that’s just a long tirade against Arab atheists. Not all atheists. Just Arab ones. Because they suck. And they suck, Al-Buraidi argues, because he said so:

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Zoroastrians Are Suing Snoop Dogg After Music Video Shows Him Smoking Under Religious Symbol

The Faravahar is an important symbol of Zoroastrianism, depicting a guardian angel of sorts.

So when Snoop Dogg is sitting on a throne, smoking a joint, with the symbol right above him, you can understand why some religious types might get all offended…

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Ohio Public School District Promotes Bible Camp on Facebook

I know it’s summer and public school districts are probably not getting much interaction on their Facebook pages… but what the hell was the Fairfield City School District in Cincinnati, Ohio thinking when it posted an advertisement for a Vacation Bible School earlier today?

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Baylor University Finally Lifts Ban on Gay Sex

Baylor University, a private Baptist school in Texas, isn’t the most progressive campus in the nation. After all, it wasn’t until 1996 that the school finally lifted its ban on dancing.

And until yesterday, a married gay couple on campus would have been punished for sleeping with each other. Not a surprise coming from the school that was ranked last year by Princeton Review as one of those most LGBT-unfriendly colleges in the country.

But that all changed yesterday:

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