Saturday Night Live Mocks Dr. Ben Carson for Saying Homosexuality is a Choice Because Prison Turns Some People Gay

In case you missed it last night, Saturday Night Live ripped on Dr. Ben Carson for his recent homophobic comments during the “Weekend Update” segment… and kept going, joke after joke…

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Once Again, a Reporter Can’t Find Any Reason Why a Local Atheist Group is Featured on the AFA’s Bigotry Map

A few days ago, I wrote about how a Philadelphia Weekly reporter searched for all the groups in the area that made the American Family Association’s “Bigotry Map“… and couldn’t find a single instance of a group that was “anti-Christian” or hateful or bigoted in any sense of the word.

Now, a reporter in Grand Rapids, Minnesota has done something similar. But Nathan Bergstedt is genuinely trying to understand why the Grand Rapids Atheists and Freethinkers would be included on the map:

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Michigan Mayor Whose Promotion of Christianity Cost Town $100,000 Will Now Give Out “In God We Trust” Posters

Remember Jim Fouts?

He’s the Christian mayor of Warren, Michigan who just cost taxpayers $100,000 because he blocked an atheist group from setting up a “Reason Station” in city hall even though a “Prayer Station” had been there for years. (A settlement approved a couple of weeks ago said atheists could set up shop in city hall and told the mayor to fork over the money for the atheists’ legal fees.)

Well, Fouts is still pissed off and he’s come up with a way to stick it to the atheists: He’s handing out “In God We Trust” posters to anyone who wants them:

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Pastafarian, Atheist, and Former Porn Star Asia Carrera Arrested for Drinking and Driving with Daughter in Car

New rule, everyone: If you want media attention for putting a colander on your head in order to get a Pastafarian-friendly driver’s license picture, you’re not allowed to go drinking and driving.

A few months ago, I posted about Jessica Steinhauser (better known as former porn star Asia Carrera), who put the strainer on her head to make a statement about religious freedom in Utah:

But she’s in the news for the wrong reason now.

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Mark Twain, Who Mocked the Words “In God We Trust,” Will Soon Be on a Commemorative Coin Alongside That Phrase

In 2016, Mark Twain will be featured on a U.S. commemorative coin.

That’s ironic, says Coin World senior editor Bill Gibbs, because Twain wasn’t a fan of the phrase “In God We Trust,” which will appear on his coin:

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