The Goddess of Brazen Hussies

David Ellis Dickerson is a frequent contributor to “This American Life” and his stories tend to revolve around his time as a fundamentalist Christian. I posted about one of them in particular last year. Now, he’s written a book called The Exy Book: Modern Myths of a Scandalous Goddess — about Xenia, a “skeptical trickster [Read More...]

But It’s So Easy To Do…

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more...]

Author of Cranston High School West Prayer Banner Lashes Out Against Jessica Ahlquist

Just when you thought the story was finally over… David A. Bradley, the person who wrote the prayer banner (at the age of 12) at the center of Jessica Ahlquist‘s successful lawsuit againt Cranston High School West, has a letter-to-the-editor appearing in today’s Hartford Courant. Turns out he’s not pleased with the fact that his [Read More...]

Churches Can Escape Taxes but Not Foreclosures

One of the problems with churches is that they get away with paying no taxes despite taking in buttloads of cash every week. With megachurches, it’s especially egregious. Before the economy tanked, many congregations bought new buildings to hosue them. They took out loans on the churches, confident they could pay the banks back. Now, [Read More...]

Reason Rally Billboard Goes Up in Virginia

The following billboard can now be seen in Richmond, Virginia! Less than two weeks till the big event… are you excited yet?! [Read more...]