Ohio Public School District Promotes Bible Camp on Facebook

I know it’s summer and public school districts are probably not getting much interaction on their Facebook pages… but what the hell was the Fairfield City School District in Cincinnati, Ohio thinking when it posted an advertisement for a Vacation Bible School earlier today?

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Baylor University Finally Lifts Ban on Gay Sex

Baylor University, a private Baptist school in Texas, isn’t the most progressive campus in the nation. After all, it wasn’t until 1996 that the school finally lifted its ban on dancing.

And until yesterday, a married gay couple on campus would have been punished for sleeping with each other. Not a surprise coming from the school that was ranked last year by Princeton Review as one of those most LGBT-unfriendly colleges in the country.

But that all changed yesterday:

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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Could Allow Sex Offenders to Attend Church in Public Schools

Last week, we announced that the ACLU is officially opposed to Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, such as the one Indiana recently adopted amid public outcry about the potential for discrimination against gay people. That same week, the ACLU of Indiana filed an interesting lawsuit that both uses and challenges the state’s RFRA.

A new Indiana law that took effect on July 1 prohibits “serious sex offenders” from entering “school property,” including to vote or to attend a worship service at a church renting a public school, even though that worship, by definition, takes place when children are not in school. (The plaintiffs in this case were attending church at religious schools, but this will apply to churches in public schools too. And if you’re wondering about whether churches can legally rent schools for worship, see here.)

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Kansas Governor’s Executive Order Will Let Taxpayer-Funded Religious Groups Discriminate Against LGBT People

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has, once again, done something to make life worse for people in his state in order to pander to his religious base.

Yesterday, he issued an Executive Order in order to protect religious leaders from the evils of gay marriage. (Something they never had to worry about in the first place.)

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Catholic Priest in Hot Water After Lying About Hidden Camera in Church Bathroom

This past April, a 15-year-old boy went into the bathroom at St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood, Oregon, and noticed something weird

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