U.S. House Member Introduces Resolution to Allow Prayer During School Board Meetings

Rep. Timothy Walberg (R-MI) has introduced a resolution in the U.S. House that would allow prayer at school board meetings across the country. Right now, he has 38 co-sponsors, all of whom are Republicans. House Resolution 662 states (emphases mine): Expressing support for prayer at school board meetings. Whereas the freedom to practice religion and [Read More...]

Don’t Judge a Group by Its Worst Followers

Dale McGowan tells this story of a conversation his family had in their car a while back: CONNOR (then 13): Well it was Muslims who flew the planes into… DAD and MOM, simultaneously: AAAAAAHHHH!! AAAAAHHH! WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! CONNOR, miffed: What?? DAD: Well…when somebody’s first learning about a big group of people, you don’t [Read More...]

I Can’t Wait to Read This Book

Dale McGowan just announced that he will be writing a book that (to my surprise) doesn’t exist yet: Atheism for Dummies. There were already Dummies books for each of the major and several minor religions, as well as some weirdly specific titles like Lost Books of the Bible for Dummies. Now publisher Wiley & Sons [Read More...]

When Will ‘Progressive’ Christians Say It’s Not a Sin to be in a Gay Relationship?

I’m not a fan of Christians who say they’re allies of the LGBT community while refusing to admit homosexuality (acting on it) isn’t a sin or, more importantly, that they would support same-sex marriage. So it’s good to see a real Christian LGBT ally, John Shore, call one of the more-well-known middle-grounders out on it [Read More...]

Two Weeks Until the Oklahoma Freethought Convention

We’re less than two weeks away from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention, taking place on June 23rd at the Tulsa Convention Center Assembly Hall. Tickets are still available, you can now see the convention schedule, and there’s also information about an afterparty! (Oh! And there’s a zero-tolerance harassment policy for the event. Good!) I’ll be at [Read More...]