Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release New Song with Lyrics “Find God, but Leave the Dogma”

After a multi-year hiatus, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just released a new track: “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song).” Macklemore says the lyrics function as advice to his newborn daughter as well as himself.

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What the Mormon Church’s “Seer Stone” Photos Tell Us About Prophet Joseph Smith

To those who may not know the origins of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. The Mormons), nor have seen The Book of Mormon musical, nor viewed the “All About Mormons” episode of South Park, here’s an ultra-quick history:

In the early 1820s, New York resident Joseph Smith claimed that an angel came to him and told him of the existence of golden plates, upon which were engraved the account of ancient Jews who came to North America via boats. According to Joseph, the angel (Moroni) revealed that the plates were conveniently buried in a nearby hill. Joseph dug up the plates and promptly set about translating them.

According to Joseph, the plates were written in something he called “Reformed Egyptian,” so he needed divine assistance in order to accomplish the magical task of translating them into a version of English that sounded very much like the King James Version of the Bible. For this purpose, he had the help of special “seer stones” called the Urim and Thummim, which were buried along with the plates. The stones gave him the help he needed, so the story goes, and the resulting translation was eventually published as The Book of Mormon.

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Humanist Congressional Candidate Jamie Raskin Gets Support from Freethought PAC

At the moment, there are no openly non-theistic members of Congress. There was Rep. Pete Stark up until 2012… and nobody since. But that could change come 2016.

Earlier this year, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) announced that she would be retiring after nearly three decades in the Senate. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) then announced that he would be running for Mikulski’s seat, freeing up his own position in Congress.

It’s that seat that Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin (below) is now vying for.

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Catholic Mother, Despairing Over Her Gay Son, Gets Dose of Reality After Seeking Advice in Online Forum

Last week, a person going by the username “scaredcatholicmom” asked Reddit Catholicism what she should do about her gay son.

While she deleted her question — I have a saved copy here — it originally included this horrifying passage:

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Like Anyone Could Resist the Shot…

If this is all it takes, every one of us is Hellbound:

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