Confidence in Organized Religion at an All-Time Low… Again

How much confidence do you have in the church/organized religion?

That’s the question Gallup recently asked people. Then they grouped together those who had a “Great Deal” or “Quite a Lot” of confidence in religion. Even combined, the resulting trend has a beautiful downward slope that just hit a new all-time low:

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Molesting Preacher Walks Free After Sheriff Says He Already Suffered a “Spectacular Fall from Grace”

Over the past few years, Walter Masocha (below), a former lecturer at Scotland’s Stirling University, became leader of the Agape for All Nations Church, a religion of his own creation.

And he used his authority to molest a young girl and assault another woman:

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Southern Baptist Seminary President Questioned for His Participation in “Openly Secular” Campaign

Last month, Danny Akin, the President of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, recorded a video explaining why he supports the “Openly Secular” campaign:

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I Love My Christian Parents… but I Have to Lie to Them

Seen on Humans of New York:

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An Atheist Rock Song for Those on the Fence About Their Faith

Peter D’Angelo, a composer who normally creates music for TV and film, put together this nifty atheist-friendly rock anthem. Sounds amazing and the lyrics are unlike anything you’ll ever hear on the radio:

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