Young Atheist Gets Youth Pastor Banned from Middle School After He Preached to Her During Lunch

Tim Saffeels volunteered at Straub Middle School in Salem, Oregon, meaning he supervised during lunch periods, reminded students to clean up after themselves, and served as a role model during his time there.

Last week, he sat near a group of students, including one who attended Salem Heights Church, where he serves as youth pastor. The subject naturally drifted to religion. He should’ve stopped the conversation there, but (of course) he kept it going.

Shit really hit the fan when a student told him she didn’t believe in God:

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The Importance of Secular Forgiveness

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the importance of secular forgiveness.

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Former College Football Player, Invited to Speak at a Public High School, Spends His Time Proselytizing

Two weeks ago, at West Wilkes High School in North Carolina, many students were taken to an assembly featuring Otis Duhart (below), a self-described Evangelist and former football player at Florida State.

And how do you think that turned out?

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If You Want Your Kids to Become Atheists…

Dale McGowan explains how he came to his non-religious beliefs and how he gave his kids, including his youngest daughter, the ability to figure it out for themselves:

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Evolution Heavyweights Are Asking Georgia University to Investigate Professor Accused of Preaching Creationism

At Georgia Southern University, History professor Dr. Emerson T. McMullen (below) teaches courses that discuss science and dinosaurs. Sure, there’s a connection between them… but that’s worth looking into, right?

He also has a personal website, not technically affiliated with the school (but still hosted on its servers), where he goes into much more depth about his beliefs… and his apparent support of Creationism.

That alone might be okay. He’s allowed to hold that belief. But if he ever preached it as true, that would obviously be a problem. And that’s precisely what he’s doing, according to a joint letter sent to the university’s president by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Jerry Coyne, and Richard Dawkins.

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