National Atheist Party Responds to Criticism About Inviting Westboro Baptist Church to Reason Rally

This is a guest post by Lee Moore and leaders of the National Atheist Party. … Our recent invitation to the Westboro Baptist church has sparked a bit of controversy. Kelley Freeman described our invitation as “[poking] a rattlesnake with a stick,” but we just don’t see it that way. Reactions from others have been [Read More...]

You Think You’re Helping… But You’re Not

I’m just going to leave this video right here… The highlight occurs at the 1:28 mark. My favorite part is the fact that they have to go to a specific physical location to pray. Because we all know God won’t hear them if they pray at their own homes… (via MisterDoctorE) [Read more...]

Eddie Izzard Will Speak at Reason Rally!

There are a few last-minute additions to the Reason Rally roster and they’re big ones. Here’s the first: Actor/comedian Eddie Izzard will be joining us on the Reason Rally stage! Izzard has appeared in Ocean’s Twelve, Cars 2, and Valkyrie.  He is also a successful stand-up comic. More announcements are coming soon… [Read more...]

You Just Have to Read It In Context…

Jonathan Rosenberg explores religious morality in Scenes From A Multiverse: The full cartoon can be seen here (Thanks to Rory for the link!) [Read more...]

My Day At An Apologetics Conference

This is a guest post by Andrew L. He is a 40-something business consultant, former Christian, current atheist, and mountain biker. He lives in Denver. … With the recent talk of “crashers” at the Reason Rally, I became curious about what is new in the world of Christian apologetics. So when I saw an interview [Read More...]