Fox News Priest: Atheists Shouldn’t Be President Because They Don’t Fear “Eternal Consequences”

Over the weekend, in response to the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition summit attended by several Republican presidential candidates, Fox News Channel’s Father Jonathan Morris made clear that faith was a prerequisite for public office:

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Several Writers Withdraw from Event Because Charlie Hebdo Will Receive Freedom of Expression Courage Award

One of the programs run by the PEN American Center aims to “defend writers and protect free expression in the United States and around the world.” So it makes sense that this year’s Freedom of Expression Courage Award will be given to the staff (or what remains of it) of Charlie Hebdo.

That decision has caused several authors to withdraw from the group’s upcoming gala:

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Where’s the Camera You Promised to Buy?

Loud, obnoxious Christian evangelist Josh Feuerstein (he of the vertical videos on YouTube) ran a successful fundraiser last August asking for $20,000 to buy a professional video camera… and it was successful. He actually raised more than that. And then the problems began.

He bragged about his other expensive purchases online. He took down the fundraising page so there’s no record of it. And the vertical videos continued…

Seth Andrews summarized the situation in this video:

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Another Compilation of Sam Harris’ Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s another compilation of Sam Harris‘ best arguments and comebacks.

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Catholic School Leader, Days After Expelling 12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor, Says She Can Come Back

A few days ago, we learned that Rose McGrath (below) was kicked out of St. Joseph Catholic Middle School in Battle Creek, Michigan due to her poor attendance — all because she was too busy recovering from cancer to come to class. The backlash, as you might expect, has come from all over the world.

Good thing, too, because the school’s leader announced Friday that Rose will be invited back:

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