I Missed Out On All This Growing Up…

Daniel Florien highlights ten things ex-Christian Fundamentalists miss about the faith: [Read more...]

This Is Some Messed Up Christian Logic…

LifeWay Christian Resources, a Southern Baptist-owned chain, had been carrying a special edition of the Bible in their stores… but not anymore. Here’s Hope: The Breast Cancer Awareness Bible mixed testimonials from breast cancer survivors with passages from the Bible. So why is LifeWay no longer selling it? Because $1.00 from each purchase was going [Read More...]

Arkansas Superintendent Puts Up Nativity Scene in Public School

Jerry Noble, the superintendent of the Green County Tech school district in Arkansas, must hate his job. He’s doing everything in his power to push his faith onto students, just hoping and waiting for someone to bring on a lawsuit: “Enough is enough,” said Jerry Noble, superintendent of the Green County Tech school district. “It’s [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens is Dead

The brilliant writer, speaker, and thinker died tonight at the age of 62 after a tough battle with esophageal cancer. His final piece for Vanity Fair is as powerful as anything else he’s written. If this is a surprise to anyone, it may be because we harbored some secret hope that he’d find a way [Read More...]

Science Defeats a Rogue Communion Wafer

Remember back in July when a consecrated communion wafer fell on a church’s floor, was placed in water, and turned red? A number of Catholics were acting like the Pope had knocked on their front door: they were way too excited about something that was bound to be anti-climactic. [St. Augustine Church Rev. John Echert] [Read More...]