Darwin’s in Palouse

The Palouse Coalition of Reason has just formed in Idaho and they’re celebrating their arrival by bringing in some heavy hitters to speak in honor of Charles Darwin — and announcing it on a new billboard: The Darwin on the Palouse events herald not only Charles Darwin’s 203rd birthday on February 12 but the 153rd [Read More...]

Americus: A Graphic Novel Centered Around Book Banning

Remember when the Harry Potter books were still in their prime and you’d hear about those Christian parents trying to ban the series from local and school libraries? What do you do if those are your parents? Or your best friend’s parents? And how do you go about changing their minds? That’s the crux of [Read More...]

A CliffsNotes Koran

it turns out when you simplify the Koran, it’s still something you want to avoid: You can see the rest of the strip here. (via Jesus & Mo) [Read more...]

When the Second Child is Only the Beginning…

Suppose you’re pregnant. Suppose it’s your second child. Suppose you tell a friend about it. It’s going to be a boy. You already have a girl. What’s the appropriate reaction from your friend? Perhaps, “Congratulations! You have one of each now!” Libby Anne comes from a Quiverfull family, though, and that reaction is far from [Read More...]

Bible Man Better Be Able to Deflect Lawsuits

For decades now, Horace Turner (a.k.a. “Bible Man”) has been making appearances in Jackson County elementary schools in Alabama. When the Freedom From Religion Foundation received a complaint from a local parent, they sent the school district a letter informing them of the problem and asking that they put a stop to the in-school proselytizing. [Read More...]