A Great Rebuttal to the ‘Day of Dialogue’ Card

In response to my challenge earlier today, Zach Moore created this hilarious parody (PDF) of the “Day of Dialogue” card that Christians are supposed to hand the GLBT crowd at their schools: Hand those out on April 19th and spread the Word! In case you missed it, this is what the original looks like (PDF): [Read more...]

Praise Cheesus

From today’s Pearls Before Swine: You can read the rest of the strip here (Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]

Day of Monologue Is Weeks Away

Focus on the Family is promoting the Day of Dialogue (a.k.a. The day to tell gay kids they’re going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus in their lives) by asking students to hand out these cards: Because every conversation begins with this look: Does anyone actually think the Christians who participate in this event [Read More...]

She Left Church, Wants to Go Back, and Tells Us Why

Rachel Held Evans left her church (but not Christianity) when she was 27. Now, she’s 30 and trying to find a new one. She wrote a great post explaining 15 reasons she left her church years ago: 3. I left the church because my questions were seen as liabilities. 4. I left the church because [Read More...]