After Girl Scouts Reject $100,000 Anti-Transgender Donation, They Raise Far More Online

The Girl Scouts of the USA have this great habit of doing everything right while the Boy Scouts of America still think gay adults deserve to be banned from leadership positions.

A few months ago, a donor made a $100,000 contribution to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, but it came with a caveat:

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Duck Dynasty‘s Si Robertson: Atheists Don’t Exist Because “Our Calendars Are Based on Jesus Christ”

The Robertsons from Duck Dynasty are the gifts that keep on giving because of all the flat-out idiotic things they say. We’re used to those comments coming from patriarch Phil Robertson, but now Si Robertson (“Uncle Si”) is getting into the mix.

In an interview with the Christian Post, Robertson (who’s promoting a new film called Faith of Our Fathers) explained why atheists don’t really exist:

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The Original Road to Damascus Story is Hardly a Reason to Convert

DarkMatter2525 discusses Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle), the most famous Christian convert of them all, and how his change-of-mind doesn’t really “prove” anything about the faith. It’s just the same old story in a new context.

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Conservative Christians Told the Same Lies When Anti-Sodomy Laws Were Overturned

It’s an older video — around the time Lawrence v. Texas overturned sodomy bans in 2003 — but it contains the same kind of nasty Christian rhetoric we’re hearing today. Complaints about the Supreme Court, fear-mongering about how Christianity is being destroyed, and lies about how the Bible will soon be considered “hate speech.”

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Hawaiian Charter Schools Are Mixing Church and State and It May Be Hard to Separate the Two

Hawaii is home to nearly three dozen (publicly-funded) charter schools and most of them have a foundation in the state’s culture… which happens to be steeped in religion. As you can imagine, the lines are crossed pretty often:

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