After Judge Stops Rowan County (NC) Commissioners from Praying to Jesus at Meetings, They Vote to Appeal Ruling

I recently posted about the Rowan County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina and how they used to pray to Jesus at virtually every meeting.

U.S. District Judge James Beaty Jr. ruled last month that the Commissioners were violating the law and continued to do so every time they uttered a Christian prayer. (The legal thing to do would be to open up the invocations to people of all faiths and no faith.)

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A Fox News Expert Actually Said Some Sensible Things About the Duggars

Dr. Keith Ablow (center, below) is Fox News Channel’s go-to medical expert… meaning his job is to give you the worst possible advice in a given situation.

Abortion? Men ought to veto a woman’s choice.

Transgender people? They’ve bullied America into accepting things that aren’t true.

Gay marriage? It’ll lead to polygamy and incest.

But when he was brought on to discuss Josh Duggar‘s wandering hands and the family in general, he offered the most sensible take on the matter, challenging the counselors Josh Duggar was taken to, raising good points about the family’s version of the story, and questioning the parents’ wisdom in general.

It helps that Ablow was talking to Pastor Robert Jeffress and host Sean Hannity, two men who make everyone else around them sound smart. But when Ablow is the voice of reason, that’s pretty scary. Start listening at 6:01 to see Jeffress start flipping out:

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Message on Florida Pastor’s Church Marquee Compares Gay Scout Leaders to Predators

The Congregational Church — a Jesus-loving group of people, I assume — put a rather crude message on their Nokomis, Florida outdoor marquee:

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Deadly Malaysian Earthquake Was Caused by Naked Tourists, Says Government Official

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia on Friday. The death toll is already at 16 and it may go higher in the coming days. It’s a devastating tragedy so officials are trying to figure out if this is a natural disaster or something they could’ve prevented. And the answer they’ve stumbled upon is what happens when irrational thinking mixes with a desperate need for an explanation:

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Christian Girl Recites Slam Poetry All About Why We Need More Jesus in America

In the freakiest spoken word poetry you’ll ever hear, listen to a student talk about the need for God in America at the 2015 Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) International Convention in New Mexico:

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