Unintentional Hilarity in Vacation Bible School Sketch

John Hagee Ministries just posted a video from a Vacation Bible School event in which a pastor becomes a puppet. (Because sometimes the jokes just write themselves…)

It’s geared toward children, sure, but I had to share two of the segments with you:

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Stop Spreading the Articles That Claim “Evangelicals Are the Least Faithful”

According to clickbait headlines everywhere, evangelical Christians are not very faithful:

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The Scientific Problems with the Movie “Gravity”

Maybe you didn’t see Gravity, but that’s okay. You’ll still love this video explaining the scientific problems with the movie (with guest narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson!):

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God Doesn’t Know Where You’re Going Either

The Onion has a major scoop:

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High School Atheist Gives TEDxYouth Talk About the Obstacles He Faced in Forming a Secular Student Group

Jordan Balderas just graduated from high school, and he spent his senior year trying to start a group for atheists and Agnostics at his school called “Youth for Truth.” (The name, he says, suggests that they’re searching for truth, not that they alone possess it.)

He was successful… but, in a talk for a TEDxYouth event, Jordan spoke about all the hoops he had to jump through to make that group a reality:

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