This Isn’t Just About Academic Disagreement; It’s About Bullying

Dr. Jo Boaler is the subject of harassment in the academic community.

This goes well beyond disagreements with her ideas. We’re talking about people trying to destroy her academic credentials because they don’t like what she represents: A threat to the old way of doing things. [Read more...]

Sounds Like Humanism: Albert Einstein

Sounds Like Humanism: Albert Einstein [Read more...]

An Atheist Rock Climber Who Doesn’t Use a Harness

In the segment below, Alex Honnold talks about going to church as a child (“just a bunch of old people eating stale wafers”) and the non-religious “sublime bliss” he feels when he’s climbing a beautiful mountain. [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $47,150 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

This past quarter, your generous donations went to improving nutrition, protecting animals in the face of cruelty, bringing humanist education to Uganda, fighting for equitable treatment in our justice system, and building communities safer for diversity. [Read more...]

A Wonderful Animated Crash Course in Evolution

When it comes to explaining science through animation, no one does it quite like QualiaSoup [Read more...]